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🌷Quote ur own price➡️MY FOLLOWERS ONLY🌷🚫Non Followers No Discounts🚫🐰AUTHENTIC BRAND NEW IN PLASTIC -- Jill Stuart Pink Casing My Lips (Lips turn ur own unique Pinkish tone!) (FRESH & LATEST MANUFACTURED date)🐰💋No Pet No Smoker Clean Hse💋


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❤ DO U WANT BETTER PRICE? ❤ ➡️CLICK FOLLOW for Member Price & Discount (as soon as u read this ✔) ➡️ Remain as Follower for ALL listings at Member Price/ Freebies. ➡ Once Unfollowed, names be noted & Auto Remove from future Discounts. (Cause its not fair to faithful followers) ✖ DO NOT UNFOLLOW!! ✖ 🌻 Terms & Conditions 🌻 ➡️ No Payment = No Reservation ➡️ No change of purchases after payment in ➡️ No Return No Refund (hygiene purpose) ➡️➡️ Many ask, why u want people to be ur follower? (Xiaohanni reply:" there is no gain for doing that, u can also give Freebies & 50% Discounts or more to have followers. Im fine with it if u think i still gain something from u) -------------------------------🌷🌷🌷 ❤ ••LIMITED EDITION•• ❤ ◆JUNE 2017 LAUNCHED◆ ❤🐰❤ ➡ "There’s something about the phrase “limited edition” that makes everyone excited and frustrated at the same time. It is usually a product produced in limited quantity, packaged or marketed in a way that is extremely hard to resist buying one. Jill Stuart is well known for their exquisite quality, princessy packaging targeted at the dainty ladies. To add on to our uncontrollable desire to buy all these pretty things, they have launched limited edition items and colours that are available for a short time only. Collect them now or regret later!!!" ❤🐰❤ 🎀 RESTOCK MONTHLY 🎀 AUTHENTIC BRAND NEW -- Jillstuart Pink casing MY LIPS!! (PIC 2 is real my lips Xiaoahgal using, not to worry, buyers get BRAND NEW IN BOX,not expose to air) 🐰 says: "These are sooo pretty!! SUPER SUPER PRETTY!! The lip will turn your own individual unique special pinkish tone!!! FIRST TIME PINK CASING WITH MIRROR ATTACHED ON TOP THE FLOWER MOTIF (swarouski crystal) 🐰😍" --------------------------------------------------------☆☆☆ 🐥🐥 Xiaoahgal's Jillstuart 🐥🐥 👍GUARANTEE FRESHNESS!! 👍FRESH & LATEST MANUFACTURED date =Active Ingredients 👍No expose to Air, cap never open. 👍No Pet No Smoker Clean Hse --------------------------------------------------------☆☆☆ 🎀 RESTOCK MONTHLY 🎀 - Xiaoahgal chose Fastest way to have Jillstuart! Horray! Another batch is on the way too ^^ 💨💨 💙 ALL HAND DELIVERIES will be arranged immediately as xiaoahgal's buyers always Come First to receive their JS items. 💙 Xiaoahgal wants ALL BUYERS to use the FRESHEST JS products once its reaches her (Handling process is clean and hygiene); - BEWARE of only using "Poster" sellers/ "Copy Xiaoahgal style" sellers/ "High negative feedbacks" sellers who trying to switch the "old stock" or the inferior quality to u. - DO NOT BE TRICKED; they have been suspended and back again recently "flooding" Jillstuart Authentic items with inspired! 😲 💙 Xiaoahgal knows too much "dark methods" they used, hence got "corner" by 1 Seller now.... she has 4 accounts and more. - Blacklisted (just suspended and are back) This Seller have buy 4 carousell accounts which have Already some positive feedbacks (to win trust) but the feedbacks are not from selling JS like Xiaoahgal. This "Copy Xiaoahgal's style" seller always have this 4 accounts come out together at same time to keep posting and to bluff people. Xiaoahgal have proof that people sells her the account and Xiaoahgal only have 1 account throughout, this is to keep the quality and service in check at all times and to guarantee that all items is AUTHENTIC 😯😔😓 ● CLARIFICATIONS for All Authentic Jillstuart lovers!! ● 1) Japan tax free will be only for travelling; once anything is in batches. Tax is incurred & shipping is there. 2) Given the rate and shipping, the exchange rate is all wrong.. and things is below boutique price. (Unless item no need to ship... Authentic JS is imported definitely) Its v fishy. I already have several cases of people being cheated before they came to be my Xiaoahgal's regulars. I do hve the black n white stating JS do not have any agents or supplier (while they have been telling they have cheap sources) -- JILLSTUART DO NOT HAVE ANY ALTERNATIVES IN GETTING. JAPAN CONTROL ALL PRICING. 👉 Now Xiaoahgal even dunwan JS and Laduree feedback as previously "blacklisted sellers" went pm and sell them items, trick my buyers into believing that they got "Below boutique price" Jillstuart comestic & perfumes. Then they got cheated. Hence Xiaoahgal think i should stop getting feedbacks. Ever since 300 feedbacks onwards, Xiaoahgal stopped getting Jillstuart and Laduree feedbacks. i do not want to harm ppl by giving me feedback and they in turn get tricked by blacklisted sellers. --------------------------------------------------------☆☆☆ 💜 xiaoahgal's Jill Stuart TIPS 💜 🔴 Be it any Skincare, Beauty facial items & bodycare products to apply on Face, body etc (Meaning these products have expiry date, scent, active ingredients etc and so on, get it from Sellers who have REGULAR CUSTOMER BASE so the items is not "KEEP STOCK kind" 🔴 INSIST to have a Meet-up with any Jillstuart's seller to CHECK the scent, bottle, sealed and ASK her questions on the products itself. - If the seller is an Authentic seller, she should be able to provide buyers the info (Not just Shoo buyers with: "Pre-order if u can wait/ Refer to where where for answer"/ Reply displeased customers with a "standard reply" like shifting responsibilties) 🔴 Jill Stuart NEVER LOWER THEIR PRICING since they started (it is a very good product with superb ingredients), and there is NO AGENTS/ SUPPLIERS like "Poster"/"Copy Xiaoahgal style" sellers said that they can get LOW PRICE WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COST unless their JS is in..... (This is Fishy) - xiaoahgal 4 years VVIP member also need get JS items using regular's pricing; only enjoy little benefits at the management side. - AVOID getting mislead for Seller's explanation of busy schedule to choose postage, avoid meeting in person, or short msg just to deal. 🔴 Unless the seller loves Jill Stuart as much, she is just a SELLER. She do not care about the products she is selling. - Her job is sell her stuff; she DO NOT CARE for ur skin improvement on your skin/face. - CURRENTLY, Many sellers mislead buyers by posting some OWN COLLECTION and say all items is for sales after that. 😧 Haix... u believe the whole gang loves Jillstuart all of a sudden and post collection? ---------------------------------------------------------☆☆☆ ● FOR SHARING on News 16th Feb 2017 ● Police seized and WARN buyers about the COMMON TECHNIQUES Sellers selling FAKE & INSPIRED Comestics & Perfumes. (MANY HAVE BEEN TRICK!!) 😲 Sellers' COMMON METHODS to win trust: 😲 1) Showing Price using the link (url at boutique/Website) to let buyers believe they got a good deal; ("Copy Xiaoahgal style inspired" seller have deleted the link) 2) By setting price comparing to boutique Without factoring in Additional Cost for imported items 3) By using POSTER PHOTOS but a few real photos (cause sellers do not dare to use the items they got themselves even) 4) NOT MEETING UP with buyers/ don't provide Returned Address when items mailed (seller prefer) so that they can shift responsibility once fake items cause HARM on the buyer's face or body. 5) By telling gullible buyers that they have a way of getting low cost "authentic" source (Jillstuart & Laduree do not have agents or suppliers -- black & white) 6) By keeping conversation short to not expose their real intention in any msgs exchange •• Even for brands like branded Jill Stuart (Jillstuart)/Laduree (Ladurée), Chanel & Liz Lisa etc they have ways to get inspired. 😲 ---------------------------------------------------------☆☆☆ 😲 THINK THINK THINK 😲 1) If they are not relatives nor friends to u, why would they sell FRESH AND AUTHENTIC MAKE UP AND PERFUMES below boutiques price or even without shipping to you? 2) Where exactly they got their make up & perfumes from?? 😲😲 3) IF blacklisted sellers Sell below boutique price to u and still able earn for a living... if they insist they do not want to earn, then why they sell? 😲😲😲 -----------------------------------------------------------☆☆☆ 💛 THANK YOU to all for supporting AUTHENTIC Jillstuart products and knowing Jillstuart is imported (there is NO WAY the price can be below boutique & exclude shipping unless its NON-AUTHENTIC or OLD STOCK -- some sellers have been suspended and back again selling using Poster pics and "Copy Xiaoahgal's style") 😲 💛 From 1 batch order monthly, thank u for the support, CURRENTLY xiaoahgal JS batches is 2 to 5 batches arriving monthly! Which means, FRESHEST & FASTEST! 😍😍😍 ----------------------------------------------------------☆☆☆ 👍👍 Xiaoahgal's Jillstuart Guarantee 👍👍 💙 AUTHENTIC, 💙 FRESH Stock! *FRESH stock, Monthly Restock* 💙 LATEST Manufactured Date for BEST EFFECT on Skin 💙 BRAND NEW With Seal, Not exposed to air!! (ACTIVE INGREDIENTS) 💙 No Pets, No Smokers & Clean House! Buy at Ease! ----------------------------------------------------------☆☆☆ 💙 My colors i bought together with my monthly supplies of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc may not be the same u like for example: blusher or foundation (tone, etc) I can allow u if u have trouble getting Jill Stuart products; to tap on my shipping. I use ways to get FRESH Products each month. So not to worry, your Jill Stuart products will be FRESH too, BEST EFFECT on your skin too. ^-^/ ---------------------------------------------------------☆☆☆ 💚 NOTE 💚 I am a Singapore girl who fall in ♥ using almost every Jill Stuart product for nearly 4 years. From Shampoo, hair mist, perfume & foot scrub, etc. The princess-like packaging & quality is worth the pricing. SG do not have this brand, which is a headache. 😣 If you like Jill Stuart & have prob buying too, I can help by letting u tap on my shipping as goodwill. My Jill Stuart products are ALL FRESH, BRAND NEW, AUTHENTIC from the boutiques. As I replenish them 1 TO 2 TIMES every month; as I need to use them everyday. 😊 •• Pls understand that FAST decision is required. •• Decisive confirmation entitles BETTER PRICE based on goodwill too. PS: Thanks to a sweet lady who bought things from me & tell me to post my photos to show people that i using these products. But, my 30 empty bottles sold and extra perfumes sold? How to take them in whole picture? I try to take those I have now bah. @@ Thank you v much too!! Gd day to all!! ^-^ *Wave* NICE DAY 😊☺😊

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