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💥💣Premium K-Wave Nail Tips 🗯💭 for Wholesalers ✔, Retailers ✔ and Group Purchases ✔. It is so easy to use and makes you feel so confident and much more beautiful. K-Wave Nail Tips 💖💟💗 🔔🔔🔔 One of the Korean Wave Goods                 at a moment 👍👀💣💥💅 🔔🔔🔔 Wholesalers or Retailers are                 all most welcomed  📣📣 🔔🔔🔔 Interested or any enquiries,                  please do chat ✏✏ here or                 text @ ....... ☏📞☎ Acrylic-infused with reverse Dual-Injection technology delivers durable strength with a natural look.  The easy-to-apply nails go on with a seamless cuticle line so they truly look natural, plus the subtle smile line translates to a perfect nude manicure for a modern take on the French.  This kit includes 24 short length nails with a thin smile line.           🔈🔉🔊  QUOTATION  🕪🕩🕨 ↪  50 SETS & ABOVE, PLEASE ASK        ME BY CHATTING HERE  ✔✔✔ ↪  5 SETS FOR SAMPLING, PLEASE        ASK...  ✔✔✔ ↪  MIN. 5 SETS FOR GROUP PURCHASE        ÀLSO AVAILABLE  ✔✔✔ ↪  1 SET PURCHASE AVAILABLE  BUT        PRICE IS THE HIGHEST. PLEASE ASK        ✔✔✔       ☛☛☛  HOW TO ORDER  ☚☚☚ ✏✒ All prices are different when buying            one set, 5 sets or 10 or 50 sets. So            please ask me here 1. Check all products on the goods list      here ✔✔ 2. Choose the products you want  ✔✔ 3. How many sets and which design     you want  ✔✔ 4. Buy 1 at highest price  ✔✔     Buy 5 Get 1 free  ✔✔ ⛥⛦⛧  How to Apply Glue-On Nail tips ✔ Choose your favorite glue-on nail tip ✔ Clean your nails, push back the       cuticles and cut and file them as short       as possible ✔ Open the nails and match up the sizes       to corresponding nails on your hand.       Lay them out on the counter in the       order you will be applying them and       set aside the rest  ✔ Apply a dot of glue to the fake nail        and swirl it around to cover. Apply        another dot of glue to your natural        nail and swirl. If your glue seems thin,        repeat. Bettter to have too much glue        than not enough!  ✔  Work quickly. You will only have        seconds to settle the nail before it        sets. Lay the fake nail on your natural        nail, slide down until it touches the        cuticle and here is my secret....     ☛☛☛ PRESS HARD ☚☚☚    Push that nail down as hard as you    possibly can for 20 seconds and you    will avoid the dreaded air bubble!     It works every time for me. If a little glue    seeps out of the corners, no worries, it    will flake off in a day or two.  ✔ Repeat step 5 for all of the nails.       Remove the tabs on the ends per your       nail kit instructions (if they have       them).        If your skin under your natural nail       gets stuck with glue, gently pull on it       to release if it bothers you 😆😍😎 Now your lovely nails are ready  for wear! You can shower, wash dishes,  clean the bathroom as usual and not ruin  your manicure.   With this method I never have a nail pop  off early and they last at least 7 days.    When it comes time to remove them you  should be able to gently pry it off without  hurting your natural nail.  🔊  24pcs📤📥 a set  ✔✔✔ 🔊  Simple to use  ✔✔✔ 🔊  Min. order quantity 50 sets  ✔✔✔        Buy more, get better price 🔊   Sample for test available         Min. 5 sets  ✔✔✔ 🔊  Price depends on quantity and type        so please kindly note that which type        and how many you want ✔✔✔ 🔊  it comes in various colours and        styles  ✔✔✔ ⏩⏩ Payment Details      🤗  Via Internet transfer      🤗  Bank details will be noted when             asked      🎙  Goods will take 3 to 5 working             days to arrive after payment is             confirmed  ✔✔✔ ⏩⏩ Collection Point         😎  Kovan MRT on every days      😊  Mailing Option available with             additional charges #K-Wave#Korean#Nail Art#Nail Tips #French nail tips#accessories#beauty #woman#fake nail#artificial nail#nails #nails files#wholesale#retail#clipper# finger nails#roofing nails#nail polish# nail stickers#press on nail#glue

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