💥LAST ONE💥🌼CARNATION SCENT🌼 ◆AUTHENTIC RARE LIMITED EDITION BRAND NEW ◆ Les Merveilleuses Ladurée (Laduree) Carnation Hand Cream 49ml & Carnation Lips Coffret Set! (Put In Make Up Pouch/Bag) No Pet No Smoker Clean Hse


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🌼RARE CARNATION SCENT🌼 ◆AUTHENTIC LIMITED EDITION BRAND NEW ◆ ❤🐰❤ ➡ "There’s something about the phrase “limited edition” that makes everyone excited and frustrated at the same time. It is usually a product produced in limited quantity, packaged or marketed in a way that is extremely hard to resist buying one. Les Merveilleuses Ladurée, the cosmetics line of the legendary French patisserie is well known for their exquisite, pastel packaging targeted at the dainty ladies. To add on to our uncontrollable desire to buy all these pretty things, they have launched limited edition items and colours that are available for a short time only. Collect them now or regret later!!!" ❤🐰❤ 🎀 Les Merveilleuses Ladurée (Laduree) Carnation Hand & Carnation Lips Coffret Set! 🎀 (Buyers get Brand new, not to worry) (Cap not open to expose to air) 👍👍👍 ❤ REASONS TO BUY ❤ 🐰 AUTHENTIC 👍 🐰 BRAND NEW 👍👍 🐰 Put In Make Up Pouch & Bag Always (to keep hands frm being dry, especially good in air conditioning place)👍👍 🐰 Carnation scent is RARE & SPECIAL. Try it!!👍👍 🐰 No Pet No Smoker Clean Hse 🐰 Laduree handcream is known for its highly absorbant and non-sticky essence. Real good ingredients added in tube of hand cream which is observe after applying a while. 👍👍👍 ------------------------------🌼🌼🌼 ● Own a piece of Elegant Decor Gorgeous Collection; Truly reminiscent of french elegance & boudoir ambience ● ONCE IN A LIFETIME, get it~ ✌ 😊 BRIEF INTRODUCTION 😊 Ladies, lets All get excited!! \^-^/ In Spring 2012, a new princess in the kingdom, as French macaroon maker Ladurée teams up with Albion (which is under Kosé) to launch Les Merveilleuses de LADURÉE, a series of point and base makeup products. Designed to be a luxury high-end comestics range, Ladurée has definitely what it takes. The company has an impressive track record with Anna Sui's, Paul & Joe's, and Jill Stuart's beauty lines. Star product of Les Merveilleuses Ladurée debut collection for Spring 2012 is Face color Rose Ladurée in delicate petals (3 shades: Ninon chiffon like Pink Rose/ Eugenie Pretty Red Rose & Mathilde Woody Rose with a mysterious charm) which the company believes that the most important part of the face for expression is the cheek. Followed by its Powder Pearl Rose ingredients - Face powder in a Pot, effect is like a smooth face as silk. Or powder pressed blusher in a Gold cameo or limited edition cameo casing colors! Glossy or Matte lipstick & lip stain & the goat fur brush for the delicate feel on cheeks or foundation for face. Xiaoahgal is sure you will enjoy every stroke of the morning make up session. ^-^ Just as any fashion addict will have a must-buy Hermes/ Chanel, while we have Laduree Les Merveilleuses range (at least, for now). 😍 XIAOAHGAL'S PERSONAL THOUGHTS 😍 Hi Hi everyone, I have spent almost 1 year trying out almost all Laduree beauty line product before im typing my personal experiences here. In fact, till now, i still love All products of LADURÉE (LADUREE)!! Keke~ From base to sunblock all ranges, their product(s) carries a royal french scent which Xiaoahgal keeps smelling. ^-^ (You should get 1 soon to reward yourself for a hard day's work) The Purple loose powder I'm using is truly so soft and silky-like feel; simply feel airy nothing after dusting on face; the delicate petals after applied on cheeks or the pressed color blusher (the colors is so lasting & nice), after a while approx 30 mins when im driving & i observe, it looks like its blush naturally from within the face. Xiaoahgal smitten totally, I LOVE IT! 😍😍😍 And the various products, if u r keen, wish to find out more, welcome u to pm me. ^-^/ No worries at all~ ✌ Want to fall in love with a high quality product? Try Ladurée! Be spoil by the Quality & princessy packaging of all beautifully feminine eye-catching colours! Not forgetting to create a special place for this gorgeous pieces of beauty too! STAY PRETTY WITH LADUREE~ Enjoy your make up daily, ladies! Instead of treating it as a routine rush hour thing in the morning!! With Les Merveilleuses de Laduree, everything is made possible~~ (Echo: "I want more Laduree Laduree!!") 🐰💟 Chat with Xiaoahgal today 💟🐰 Brand: LADURÉE Type: Moisturizer

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