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Wealth, prosperity & fortune Protection from negative energies Fixing relationships Love spells Expel black magic Health issues Body pain Overall luck Etc... Limited to 2 trips (in a month) to Orang Asli's village *****Minimum 3 pax to go, per trip***** To and from Mersing total 4 - 5 hours *excludes waiting time Q at Asli's house* SGD$280 per pax includes: - Singapore guide - Driver cum Local guide - Translator - Transportation to and from Mersing - Petrol fee - Lunch at Mersing town - Bringing you to genuine ancient bomoh Price EXCLUDES fee you paying to bomoh Different cases different amount Amount to be paid in Malaysia Ringgit to bomoh RM$250 onwards per service Female clients not to worry, I am a local sg female too. PM me your situation and to secure your slot PM for more details For serious people who needs help

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