šŸ’ÆBrand New In Bottle Sealed UsanaĀ® CellSentialsā„¢ - Core Minerals and Vita-Antioxidant (112 tablets each)


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šŸ’ÆBrand New In Bottle Sealed UsanaĀ® CellSentialsā„¢ - Core Minerals and Vita-Antioxidant (112 tablets each) Extra sets to let go Expiry Date : as seen in pic Fixed price - non negotiable šŸ‘Self collect from my void deck or top up $4 for registered mail Pack Includes: Vita Antioxidant and Core Minerals USANAā€™s triple-action cellular nutrition system: Core Minerals and Vita-Antioxidant with the InCelligence Complex. THE POWER OF CELLULAR INTELLIGENCE Using cutting-edge research and cellular expertise, the patent-pending InCelligence technology used to make certain USANAĀ® products harnesses the power of cellular intelligence to help unlock vibrant health. Proprietary blends of nutrients speak your cellsā€™ language, cutting through the biochemical noise to communicate important messages that unleash the potential locked inside you.* EMPOWER YOUR BODY InCelligence helps unlock your bodyā€™s ability to personalize vibrant health from within. How? Powerful nutrients deliver messages to your cells, activating natural cellular protection and renewal abilities. This empowers your body to conquer the modern challenges you face and meet your unique needsā€”so you can live your best life.* EXPECT MORE FROM INCELLIGENCE Instead of focusing on a single cellular process, InCelligence sends a broad range of messages to your cells. This impacts a variety of important processes, creating the most effective, holistic approach to your health.* Health Basics Supplies carefully balanced levels of high-quality vitamins and antioxidants, and a balanced range of highly absorbable essential minerals and trace minerals Designed to provide an essential foundation of optimal nourishment plus powerful antioxidant protection and mitochondrial renewal support for the long-term health of your cells Formulated with patent-pending USANA InCelligenceĀ® technology to unlock cell-communication codes with proprietary nutrient blends that help activate your cellsā€™ natural ability to protect and renew themselves The USANA Difference The USANA CellSentialsā„¢ contains a 28-day supply of both Core Minerals and Vita-Antioxidant supplements. This pack is more than just a multivitamin. It is a triple-action cellular nutritional system formulated to nourish, protect, and renew optimal cellular health. A must-have for your nutrition foundation, the CellSentials provides a broad range of essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary antioxidants. Plus the unique InCelligence Complex in Vita-Antioxidant also supports the natural production of your cellsā€™ innately powerful endogenous antioxidants and the activation of mitophagy, your bodyā€™s natural process for removing and recycling damaged mitochondria from the cell to help renew efficient cellular energy production. Usana usana USANA