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hello 👋 for all my buyers please please read this before dealing with me . i'll appreciate it vvvv much ☺️ ok let's start 💫 this is a PO account that means all are pre order unless stated . if there's any instocks, it will be stated 💫 all PO items take about 1-3 weeks to arrive , so be patient and don't hurry me . only order if u can wait ( if there's a delay then it might take 3 weeks or more , if not , most of the items usually arrive within 1-2 weeks ) 💫 full payments must be paid , no asking me to help u pay first then u pay after that , just wait for the next batch ! (i've tried many times , well all i gotta say is that now i got lots of instock :") pst so help me clear haha search " instock " ✨will accept bank transfer / ibanking / cash deposit / concealed cash (@ ur own risk‼️) strictly no meetups for payments . unless if u can meet @ my nearest busstop or smth . 🚌 meetup at hougang mrt / self collection only . other mrt depends on ur item and timing ( might have additional charges ) ( must be near hougang ) 💌 normal mailing [preferred☺️] $1.50 / $1 for single item / depends on weight ! 📩 register mailing depends , ard $3-5 depends on weigh ✖️if u don't reply me in 3 weeks , and u just disappear without telling me anything , i have the right to sell off ur item , my house is not a storage lmao ✖️if u don’t collect ur items in 3 weeks , +$0.30 per day ✖️if u pay and u back out suddenly , will only refund 1/2 of the total price / u must pay 3/4 of the price . if u haven't pay yet and made an offer ✖️ not responsible for supplier scam , won’t refund if it really happens . but my supplier supply many other carouseller / people too so yep ✖️no trades , exchange & negos (some instock mayb can nego ABIT. but no low ballers please :) ✋ ✖️ will not hesitate to not deal with u , if u test my patient / if i think that ur just playing with me ✖️if item take too long / no more stock -> FULL refund . other than these reasons , strictly no refund ! ✖️don't anyhow assume and anyhow say i never tell u or anything when u nev ask 👌 ✖️not liable for any lost mail ✖️ not responsible for any manufacturing problems / bad quality ✖️i won't be able to check like every detail of ur item , i'll usually check on the outside only . ✖️do note that if ur buying online , there's risk , like item dosent fit , material not as nice as expected etc. so don't blame me if something like that happens . if u buy from any other carousell accs , its be the same too ✖️ DONT take my pics without permission , coz if u get into trouble not my prob 🤷‍♀️ ✖️my life dosent revolve around only carousell so pls i will be busy too , thanks for understanding :" ✖️if u send me money thru concealed cash / deposit . and the item is eg $19 and u give me $20 , and u never tell me u want ur change back , i won't give u ur change . meetup also must tell me when u mail / deposit the money !! ✔️ do feel free to CTB if interested , i don't bite ^-^ , i mirror attitude :-) ✔️returning customers will get discounts ( discounts given accordingly to the no. of items u bought before and buying now ) ✔️ i will send pic proof for mailing , but no vid proof unless urs is like super smol item (?) cause it's v difficult to mail and take pic/vid when mailing bulky items . if you've mailed bulky items before , you'll know what i mean 😅 ✔️ i'm able to PO many other items too HAHA like makeup products , squishy , etc. just ask me and i'll try my best to find the item ur looking for , but if i can't find then sorry >< 💞 always inform me once u receive the item ! (for mailing) because if u don't inform me i'll get worried and scared the mail is lost :) 👖 please always allow like 1-5cm diff when measuring 🤦‍♀️again , please always read first before dealing with me . i'm not responsible if u say 'oh u never tell me this' or anything if it's CLEARLY STATED HERE ALR . 🤦‍♀️ ✍️ i know it might be early for me to say this but next year 2018 due to personal reasons i'll be going on semi-hiatus / hiatus 👀 a lil story why i started this acc . i’m still a teenager and i can’t go out to work cause of my studies i’ve like 3 medical conditions + i’ll be putting braces or my teeth will like rot so all these needs a lot of money . i wanted to help with like my medical bills all these cause like just one visit to see a doc requires bout $200-400 ( just the consultation :(( + usually there’s still like blood test and some scan thingy that is for like 1 doc per visit is like close to 4 digits and i’ve to see many docs so it’s like x3 the price . i don’t earn much by doing this but at least it’s better than earning $0 :”) i mean if u mu with me before , i look perfectly ok and u might think i’m lying but i’m not . :( i’ve thyroid , gastric reflux , and some heart issues . also just wanna say always take care of ur health !!! don’t wait till ur sick till u cherish ur health cause u needa take lots of medicine and some medicine might worsen like ur overall health in the future or smth :”) -----------------G i v e a w a y ---------------- 🔒 to unlock this giveaway ... ✔️requirements to start this giveaway .. 🌷 50+ve feedbacks / 50 deals ( will have a giveaway for every 50 deals i close ) 🌷 300 followers 🌟 prizes ? maybe anything <$20 in my listing ? 😽 buyers (especially those that bought before the giveaway ) will have an advantage 🌱 more info when the time comes 🔓