🔥🔥🔥 SHOPGD - Smart Musical Flowerpot - Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light. Flower / Plant Not Included.


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*****PLEASE READ***** NOTES: • The product does not contain plants. • Price is final • Doorstep Delivery within mainland Singapore available @ $4.00 • Meet up/self-collection will strictly @ Woodlands/Admiralty [Description] Touch sensitivity result may vary due to different plants species & soil water content. Higher sensitivity may achieve through damper soil. If no touch response, kindly check if the plant has high water content or the soil is damp enough. The Succulent Plant with thick, fleshy leaves will give a better performance of playing music. [Specifications] Signal to Noise Ratio: 90db Frequency Response Range: 20-20KHz Bluetooth Distance: 10M Battery Capacity: 1200mAh Working Voltage: 3.7V Charging Parameters: 5V 1A Charging Time: about 4 hours Playing Time: about 12 hours Size: 114x114x117mm Net Weight: 400g Color available: White, Blue, Pink [Instructions] 1. Plant your favorite plants in the flower pot, water them lightly to keep the soil moist. (Note: the contact sensitivity is different due to the plant compatibility list.) 2. Play: Long press the POWER button. Cue the stereo and enter the harp mode. Every short touch will trigger the playing sound and light. Long touch will enter the Play Mode. Then one more touch during play mode will trigger the Night Light Mode and the light will keep on. Bluetooth: In the shutdown state, long press the POWER button, wait for start up sound, light according to the mode switch button to enter the Bluetooth. When the music plays, the color will flash with the rhythm and the light button will be switched off or the ambient light will be turned on. Colorful light: The keys mode: Gently press the lights button, turn on the light(including two kinds of warm light and seven colored breathing lamps) Click on the switch or turn off the night light again. Touch mode: Long press the light button, the green light flashed several times, the light touch function turned on. The night light can be switched or turned off by touching the plant. Once again, press the light button and the red light flashes several times, which is to turn off the light touch function. Screebl: Play mode and Bluetooth mode, in the case of standby, ten minutes will automatically be turned off(if the equipment under a state of charge will not automatically shut down, need to manually turn it off.) Package Included: 1x smart musical flower-pot(without plants) 1x USB cable 1x manual

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