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🔥Complete Personal Training Package🔥 (10 SLOT ONLY)





A basic introduction about myself, my name is Fir and I have been in the fitness industry for the past 7 years I used to be a skinny kid in primary school. Got very fat in during my N.S😱😱😱 I know it feels very frustrating to not get in shape even when you put in YOUR BEST effort on cardio, dieting and excercising. Fastforward till today and after doing tons of research on fat loss and muscle building. I have found the 3 main component that will help YOU in your JOURNEY. 👉 Diet 👉 Weight Training 👉 Cardio If any one of these components is missing...... YOU will not achieve your desired result. Some of you might ask, '' Ok, great but WHY should I take up training from you''? The answer is simple. Because my team of trainers and myself have the knowledge and experience to GUIDE YOU👍👍👍 You might probably than say," I can just follow the videos on Youtube". Im sure you have been watching the videos on Youtube and trying the excercises already. What's the result that you are getting??? I'm sure its not that great😄 Or else you would not be findind a Personal Trainer on Carousell, hehe. Now..... why are you not getting the results even after following all the vdeos you can find on Youtube??? The answer is simple........ Overwhelming amount of information which will make you confuse on where you should even start in the first place. You will definetely get lost, demoralised and give up cos it will get very confusing😳😳😳 That is where we come in. We will guide you along the way step by step until you reach your goals. 3 Benefits You get by training with us 👉 Reduce total body fat percentage within 3 sessions 👉 Get stronger in each sessions 👉 Develop the confidence and mental toughness Join more than 50 of our clients who has achieved positive results by training with us.... Check out our Fb page for the reviews written by our client themselves on how the training is like. 100% real review by real people. We will be giving you a special offer of only $39 per 1hr PT session. This will be the best deal you can find bcos not only are we experienced, we are certified too😊 Some of you might be skeptical and doubtful.... Is this a joke? Only $39 per session??? Too good to be true? Say whatever you want, but good things can be too good to be true👍 Whats the catch? Is there any hidden fee? Let me repeat, No hidden fees and charges But these is only available to 10 clients only. First come first serve basis BONUSES First 5 person to sign up will be given 1. Free 30 min consultation regarding your current fitness evel and what You can do NOW to start improving yourself. 2. Get a FREE Body Analysis to measure your Body Fat measurement and Lean Muscle Mass. Both item would easily be Worth $100👍 and you would get it absolutely for FREE🔥🔥🔥 These introduction package consist of 8 session where we will be going thru - Basic compound movements - Basic isolation movements - Tempo, Reps and Sets - H.I.I.T - Core Training 🔥Training is available ISLANDWIDE🔥 All you have to do is Dm us here or Whatsapp me at 9148 0394 for a faster reply. Last but not least.... We do offer 100% Money Back Guarantee👍👍👍 If there is no improvements in terms of - Strength - Muscle Gains - Fat loss

3 months ago In Sport & Fitness Classes

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2019 Mar

Great buyer to deal with!✔ Plesant transaction!✔ Sincere✔ Recommended✔👍