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✔️PERFECT FOR THE LATEST IPHONE 7✔️ FITS SHURE SE 215, 315, 425, 535, 846 Sick and tired of tangling cables? 😪😡 Want to watch some YouTube videos on the MRT without your earphones getting hooked onto some annoying Auntie's bag? #thestruggleisreal Been 👀searching👀 for an inexpensive pair of Bluetooth earphones for your runs? Hate those bulky Shure 215 cables that can never fit through your phone cases? Well here you have it! Forget about overpriced Sony or Jaybirds! 💸💸💸 Features: - Call/ Pause-Play button - Volume/ Track button - Mic for calls - Battery level shown on phone - Blue/ red LED light for different actions - Approximely 5 hours non-stop playback - 1-1.5hours charging time - Approximately 120++ hours standby time - Automatic song pausing during phone calls - Voice notifications e.g 'You have an incoming call from 9xxxxxxx' How to use: - Connect your desired IEMs - Switch on your phone's bluetooth - Hold the middle button for 10 seconds for your phone to detect Bluetooth headset - Bluetooth headset will be flashing red & blue - Select the device 'A8' - Listen away! - Press the '+'/'-' button to skip to the next/ previous track - Hold the '+'/'-' button to adjust volume - Centre button to pause and play - Hold the centre button to on/off the headset (voice command will say 'power off/on') **Manufacturer stated transmission distance is 10 meters, but from personal experience, phone and headset are best placed within 2 meters for there to be no disruptions to sound** Why buy? ✔️Stable connection ✔️No installation or apps required ✔️Stereo sound ✔️High quality sound, no distortion ✔️Cheap alternative to overpriced Bluetooth earphones that often fits badly ✔️Easy USB charging (Cable provided) ✔️Lets you use your desired IEMs, why limit yourself right? ✔️Fits common brands like westone UM series, shure se series 🏃🏻Self collection at 52 lengkok bahru 🏃🏻Free normal mail (preferred) **All headsets are charged and tested with an iPhone before mail** NOT westone shure pro FiiO sennheiser Bose noble audio technica Beats ibasso hifiman cable silver copper fitear inear Type: Others

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