🔥NEW NP-FW50 Battery Pack for SONY CAMERAS a6300 a7 a7r a7rii a7s a7sii 🔥


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Are you frustrated that your camera always runs out of juice at the most critical moment? It's time to get another battery, so that you can ALWAYS capture the moments and not miss any of them. Brand new and sealed - going for $59 only! Fits With Following Models: For Sony A7Rii A7Sii A7R A7S A6300 A6000 For Sony NRX6 For Sony NEX-7 NEX-6 NEX-F3 NEX-C3 For Sony ALT-A55 ALT-A35 ALT-A33 ALT-A37 ALT-A7 For Sony NEX-5 NEX-5D NEX-5N For Sony NEX-5R NEX-5A NEX-5C NEX-5DB For Sony NEX-5HB NEX-5K NEX-5KS For Sony NEX-3 NEX-3A NEX-3D For Sony NEX-3DW NEX-3K NEX-3KS For Sony A3000 Meetup is available at either Woodlands MRT (after 8pm) or Raffles Place MRT (8am-630pm). Need a cheaper alternative? Check out my listing for 3rd party batteries here: https://carousell.com/p/sony-np-fw50-oem-battery-replacement-for-a7rii-a7sii-a7r-a7s-a6300-a6000-alpha-a33,a35,a37,a55,-slt-a33,slt-a35,slt-a37,slt-a37k,slt-a37m,slt-a55,slt-a55v-53259092/

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Woodlands MRT (after 8pm on weekdays) My place in Woodlands (5 mins walk away) Raffles Place MRT (8am-630pm). Yew Tee MRT (Friday night and Saturday)