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LP Ruay is an abbot of Wat Tako, Ayutthaya Province. He is one of famous guru monks of Thailand. He is famous for his holy amulets of good luck, protection and charm. He lives simply and behaves well. Thus, many people love and respect him wholeheartedly. LP Ruay was born in December 1921 in Phachee District, Ayutthaya Province. At the age of 12, he studied with a monk at Tako School until his grade was equal to primary 4. When he was 16, he got ordained as a novice at Wat Tako until he was 20. At the age of 20, in 1941 he got ordained as a monk at the same temple. Temple : Wat Tako, Ayuttaya BE: 2559 material:Ner thongdeang pew roong purpose:避险,擋煞,等...

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