#272🚗▪PREORDER▪🚗9pcs/Set Universal Car Seat Cover Full Seat Covers Sedans Mesh Sponge Cover Interior Accessories


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describe : The 3 layer structure: breathable durable fabric + foam + backing Spandex - closed cross car general - protective seat, keep clean and new Easy to install and cleaning. The seat covers 9: 5* 27X26CM: head coverings 2* front seat covers: Front: 72x55CM front seat: 59*x60CM 1* seat back cover: 125x60CM 1* seat back bottom sleeve: 115x53CM Accessories: contains a pack of metal hooks, a pack of 25 Details: Type: seat cover Color: red, blue, beige,grey Package size (length x width x height): 30 * 25 * 14cm / 11.79 * 9.83 * 5.5in Package contents: Cross car 1 * general car seat cover (9pcs / set): - 2 * front seat cover 1 * bench cover 1 * bench bottom cover - 5 * head rest Installation guide: Front seat cover: 1 pull back the pillow, put down the tension from top to bottom. Finishing the entire front seat cover makes the rear part and the bottom part of the cover to look neat and clean between the minor groove At the end of the bottom, the elastic band is fixed to the seat. Make sure to get a good finish and the elastic band is fixed to the seat below. 2 and then put on the two pillow cover for rest and replace the head pillow. Rear seat cushion: 1 rear seat flip, To lay down the relevant part of the elastic rope fixed by elastic. (elasticity should be pulled) 2 and then using the method of mounting pad. Put down 3 three head pillow. 🚗▪COLOURS▪🚗 ▪apricots▪Black▪Blue▪BrightRed▪ ▪CoolBlack▪Gray▪Grey▪Red▪SapphireBlue▪

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