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100% Natural Paw Spray (Natural tea seed enzyme ingredient)


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Mountain Camellia Seed Pets Paw Spray Gentle & Antibacterial Spec Application: Cats, Dog Grooming Products Type: Clean Up Products Oz: 5 (150 ml) Key Features Mountain Camellia Seed Pets Paw Spray * With Camellia Seed Enzyme Extract * Breaks Down Organic Waste and Smell Effectively * Safe for Pets and Kids Made with natural and safe Ingredients: Pure water, camellia seed enzyme extract, lemon essential oil, aloe vera, plant based alcohol, natural sea salt. Directions for use: Spray on to your pets paws or foots from a distance of 15 cm and wait 3-5 minutes for enzymes to take effect. Blot with a dry paper towel or cloth. 低敏 除臭 温和 制菌 Low sensitivity, deodorization, mild, bacteriostatic 天然茶籽酵素成份,含丰富天然皂素维生素A、E及茶碱,不仅温和且制菌 柠檬菁华露具有清新的果香,能够安抚情绪,增加活动力、提神醒脑。 1) 植物性成分,抑菌去污,宠物四肢不再长期接触化学药剂及残留。 2) 制菌消毒,减少接触性感染。 3) 淡淡清香,避免化学溶剂吸入后损伤呼吸器官 ◎使用方法:直接喷雾于纸巾或布面上,再擦拭您宠物宝贝四肢脚掌及指缝间,片刻挥发后,即可达到清洁,驱虫及抑菌效果。以15cm距离喷雾于宠物宝贝四肢脚掌及指缝间,再以纸巾或布擦拭干净,片刻挥 发后即可达到清洁,驱虫及抑菌效果。 Natural tea seed enzyme ingredient, rich in natural saponin vitamins A, E and theophylline, not only mild and bacteriostatic Lemon Jinghualu has a fresh fruity flavor, which can calm the emotions, increase the activity and refresh the mind. 1) Botanical ingredients, antibacterial and decontamination, pets are no longer exposed to chemicals and residues for a long time. 2) Sterilization and disinfection to reduce contact infections. 3) A light fragrance to avoid damage to the respiratory organs after inhalation of chemical solvents ◎Usage: Spray directly on the paper towel or cloth surface, and then wipe your pet baby's limbs and finger joints. After a moment of evaporation, you can achieve clean, insect repellent and antibacterial effect. Spray at a distance of 15cm between the pet's limbs and the finger joints, then wipe it off with a paper towel or cloth. After a moment of steaming, it can be cleaned, dewormed and bacteriostatic.

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