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Brand New Jollybaby Educational Learning Early Development Colorful Infant Newborn Baby Cloth Book


2 months ago by momlove








✅Instock ✅Price listed is for ONE book only ✅Brand new stock guaranteed - individual sealed packaging ✅Best Gift For Your Little One - Suitable for newborn onwards ✅Self Collect from my void deck or top up for postage only (Normal Mail for 1-2 books : +$1.50; 3-4 books +$2; Registered mail : +$4; Qxpress Delivery +$4.50) ⛔️Fixed Price - Non Negotiable Do browse my listings for more babies toys and products: Carouseller with 3300 positive feedback 👍🏻 —————————————————————— Brand New Jollybaby Educational Early Development Cloth Book Interest is the premise of the cultivation of children's reading, but also the baby to explore the biggest driving force. Jollybaby the biggest advantage of the book is also to solve the problem of the baby's reading interest, rather than simply the tear is not bad, bite not broken, easy to clean. We know that the best early education is the development of children's brain intelligence education, and human intelligence level is mainly reflected in the face of the actual problem of the solution. So to avoid the adult education of the baby, the primary school is very important. Human brain is not a computer, learning is not a copy. You should make full use of the books to develop your baby's imagination and understanding. Jollybaby each of the books are not the standard version of the story, which is left to you and your baby to play space. In the course of "learning and playing", it is very important to encourage every minute of the baby's progress. Baby's potential is much bigger than we thought. You can choose according to the age of the baby cloth book, there are targeted to let the baby understand and understand some things. For example, your baby may be able to recognize a lot of numbers in 8 months. But you want to know: baby's understanding of numbers is the beginning of the mechanical memory, and baby real understanding of the meaning of the number of times but the need for the time. From understanding to understanding is a major leap in the development of children's intelligence. Earlier to make your baby understand the concept of digital is to increase the baby's sensitivity to the number of digital and logical thinking ability. The above is to be explained: we have to understand the baby's cognitive ability. "Recognition" and "knowledge" is the performance of different intelligence levels. In adult seems to be very simple things, let the baby to know is easy, and let the baby "know", "understanding" is not an easy task. All you need to do is how to get your baby to understand these simple patterns, scenes, and stories. Specific methods, according to the characteristics of the baby to sum up. As long as there is your love, you will have a pleasant surprise for your baby's progress! Compared with plush, plastic, wooden toys, etc., in general, the book has the following advantages: 1, jollybaby cloth book is truly a baby book! Is the baby's own book! The baby is active perception, discovery of the book! 2, jollybaby cloth book entertainment, interactive, paper book can not match; 3, jollybaby more security: reflected in the non-toxic, soft, tear is not bad, can eat bite, not to hurt the hand, not allergic, etc.; 4, jollybaby cloth book to give the baby is a comprehensive training, can bring you unexpected harvest; 5, jollybaby color is more vivid, can according to the baby's cognitive ability to adjust the use of methods, is a good interactive game props...... 6, jollybaby through a variety of materials, dolls, a variety of activities, combined with the content, to the baby provides more fully active perception and the discovery of the space. Tag educationol toys book cloth safe infant newborn early learning pigeon avent medela lego classic duplo apple iphone 5 6 7 stroller support body Christmas present gift bottle

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