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Slimmy Detox 50XT [INSTOCKS]


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The more you buy, the more you save! PM me for pricing or special discounts! Guaranteed worth for money! Having these problems?? - CONSTANTLY INCREASING WEIGHT - STUBBORN TUMMY FATS - BAD COMPLEXION - BAD DIGESTION - CONSTANT CRAVINGS FOR JUNK FOOD - BLOATING - BAD BREATH (BAD BREATH IS THE RESULT OF UNHEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM) - CONSTIPATION Slimmy can help! More successful reviews can be read at ig@meraki.slim 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 HOW TO USE SLIMMY DETOX: Slimming Programme: Take 1 sachet every morning before breakfast AND take 1 or 2(if you had a heavy dinner) sachets after dinner for best effects. Mix one sachet of FIBER50XT with 200ml of cool water. Mix well and drink immediately. Detox Programme: Take one sachet every night before bed for best effects. Mix one sachet of FIBER50XT with 200ml of cool water. Mix well and drink immediately. **DO NOT use boiling or warm water as it'll affect the effectiveness. Use only room temperature or below. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 RULES TO SEE GOOD RESULTS 🚫 NO EXERCISE/DIET NEEDED (But best if you exercise and eat healthy for good health) 🚫 DO NOT SKIP DAYS (Otherwise it's equal to going back to box 1) ✔️ BE CONSISTENT WHEN TAKING. ✔ DRINK AT LEAST 2-4 LITERS OF WATER DAILY (So as to get rid of fatty acids and etc) ✔️ ENJOY THE RESULTS 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 ❓Is Slimmy Detox safe? Yes it is. It is approved by Singapore and it is made up of 100% natural ingredients. It does not contain any preservatives, chemicals, food colouring nor laxatives. In fact, it contains the amount of required daily fiber intake of fruits and veggies. **Money back guarantee 100% natural ingredients.** ❓Where is this product from? Our sunny Singapore! Supplier here distributes it to Taiwan, China and Hong Kong too. ❓What does Slimmy Detox Fiber 50XT taste like? SUPER YUMMY BERRY! ❓Can this product be taken long term, even after I lost weight? OF COURSE! It's a health food and it is in fact reccommended to take Slimmy Detox on a long term basis for weight maintenance, clear skin and overall wellness. Prevention of diseases is better than cure! Also, Slimmy Detox contains the daily required amount of fibre. ❓Is it safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women? Pregnant, no. Not because it's harmful, but because you're not supposed to lose weight during pregnancy. This product is so healthy and safe, even breastfeeding moms can take this! *Please consult your doctor to double verify. ❓Does this product contain pork, lard or gelatin? Nope! Absolutely not. (So Muslim friends, do not worry.) ❓How long can a box last? 1 box contains 30 sachets. ❓Will there be rebound of weight if I stop consuming this product? Not at all. To continue using this product for health benefits or weight maintenance and not weight loss, take one sachet every 1-2 days. ❓Is this weight loss fibre addictive or do I have to take it long term? Not at all addictive as it doesn't contain any laxatives or harmful ingredients that damage the liver like what most products in the market contains. After weight loss to your desired weight, you can stop anytime if you decide to eat healthy. However if you always eat junk food and fatty foods, you can continue taking this to maintain your weight. Take 1 sachet before bed, every 1-2 days. (you can eat without gaining weight) ❓Any side effects? No absolutely not, but you'll go to the toilet more frequently. (Otherwise where do you think all the fatty acids and bad things in your system go? Haha. They have to get out of your system!) ❓What is the recommended amount of consumption? Normally during the 1st-2nd box, your body will detox, removing all the toxins and oils accumulated throughout the years. Weight loss is reportedly more visible on the 4th box onwards, as feedbacked by most of our customers. Feel free to PM me for any enquiry if you are interested or visit IG@Meraki.slim for more future promotions and review updates!



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