🤗 Error - Slight Ink Smudge - Ship Series $10 Note with Ink Smudge & Almost Solid Serial Number C/9 844444 in Mint Uncirculated Condition ⭐️


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#Mint Uncirculated Ship Series $10 Note with Serial Number C/9 844444 Auspicious Prefix C/9 & Nice Almost Solid Serial Number There is an extra feature - a bonus feature - there is a slight printing error - INK SMUDGE :- 1)Above HTT’s ‘TAU’ 2)Below word ‘Finance’ 3)Above the 🐟- just below the invisible icon 🤗 Like It? 😊 Grab It! B4... 😟 Price Increase! 😔 Missed It! Opportunities for all Collectors’ Item