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Item: Lens refractive index 1.67 Aspheric lens + Hard green film myopia UV protection + Radiation protection (Ultra-Thin) Degree range: 400-650 or 650-850 Price includes: Frame + Lens + eyewear box =$85 Lens Tip: For the health of your eyes, please do not use the data of your degree from months or even six months ago, these data are subject to measurement of optical shop or hospital, please be carful, if you're not sure of your degree data we suggest you get checked from an optical shop. (PS: As the myopia lens is a special commodity, once the data submitted and made, it can not be resale, if it's non-commodity quality problem will not be refunded and changed, please consider carefully) Thank you for cooperation! Information needed : Without Astigmatic - Right eye degree, Left eye degree, Pupil distance With Astigmatic - Right eye degree(S), Right eye Astigmatic degree(C), Right eye Astigmatic axis(VA). Left eye degree(S), Left eye Astigmatic degree(C), Left eye Astigmatic axis(VA). Pupil distance (PD) #eyewear, #Spectacles, #Specs, #Glasses