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1-to-1 Home Tuition (Female tutor)


1 month ago by joleneee99






(Free Trial Lesson) 🐥Subjects that I’m teaching: - Additional Mathematics - Mathematics 🐥Something about myself: I am a 19-year-old undergraduate student, currently waiting to enter NTU Electrical and Electronic Engineering by the end of July. I have 4 years of teaching experiences and started giving the first ever peer tutoring to my classmates when I was Secondary 3 as I was more inclined towards Mathematics. Soon after, I gave tuition to students from various secondary schools, such as Evergreen Secondary School, Methodist Girls School, Chung Cheng High School, Hua Yi Secondary and Bukit Panjang Governmental High. 🐛My past achievements: During my O Levels, I scored A1 for E-Maths, A-Maths and Pure Physics. I was also the top scorer for O level in Mathematics in the whole cohort. 🌟Why me, over the other tutors? When I first started out my education in primary school, I had a pretty rough start as a student, because I didn’t know what were the right techniques to study or do well in my academic subjects. As such, I did pretty badly for PSLE, and I asked myself, “What am I doing wrong that is exactly stopping me from getting the kind of results that I want?”. As I started reflecting on this question, I jotted down all the mistakes that I’ve made in the past on a notebook, and made sure that I do not repeat them in the future again. Fortunately, enough, as I went to an ordinary neighbourhood school to pursue my secondary studies, the teaching style of my past tutors were slightly slower and steadier, and they made sure that we are very clear in our basics before we proceeded on further with tougher questions. As a result, my learning style has always been consistent with their style of teaching, and have repeatedly done well in my studies throughout my academic lifestyle. As such, students under my provision will also follow my style of teaching, will also know the kind of mistakes that people commonly make so that they will not repeat the mistake over again. Instead of just merely asking them to deal with mathematical questions, I try to make lessons more enjoyable by including examples of real life applications where we actually get to use algebraic principles, as well as Pythagoras theorem. If you are under my provision, you will definitely no longer find yourself so timid of Mathematics anymore! 🐾My past experiences with students: Among the 5 students under me, one of them is a student from Evergreen Secondary School whom I’ve taught Pure Physics, and she managed to improve from always failing her mini-tests and continual assessments (CA1 & CA2) from D7 to A2 in her O Levels. Another student whom I’ve taught Secondary 3 Additional Mathematics from Methodist Girls School has also improved from 11/50 in her first test to 33/50 in the next test subsequently. Last but not least, I’ve also taught a student from Chung Cheng High for both his Pure Physics and Additional Mathematics, where he made an enormous improvement from C6 to A1 in Pure Physics, as well as C5 to A1 in Additional Mathematics for his O levels. He is now currently studying in Nanyang Junior College in Singapore. I also thought a female student from Bukit Panjang Government High A-Maths, and she also did very well in her O Levels, scoring A1s for both her Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. 🦄My Rates: My rates are negotiable, and it depends on the location of the student: - $25~30/hr for Lower Secondary - $30~35/hr for Upper Secondary (Payment to be made strictly after every lesson) 🌟You can also contact me at 8687 1778(WhatsApp), and I also answer any questions in doubt on the platform whenever your child encounters one in Mathematics. 🎉🎊Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you. 😊🎊🎉



Part-Time Tutor

Secondary 1-5

Mathematics, Additional Mathematics

Weekdays anytime, but preferably not too late at night(7pm-9pm still okay).

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