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Brand New | New Shipment | Restocked 100% Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps imported from The Himalayas, Pakistan Many customers reviewed positive changes after using the lamps. Include: Insomnia, allergies, cough, hives, ambience improvement to home, sinus, gets rid of pet dander and odor etc 2 simple steps to order these beautiful & useful salt lamps today: 1. Select from A-P (Please note that order should be e.g. "I would like A and B" and not "I would like 2 of A". This is because each salt crystal is uniquely hand mined from the Himalayan Mountains, Pakistan. Therefore there is no 2nd piece of the same.) 2. Let me know delivery address and contact no. for convenience, asap delivery arrangements Great as gifts for loved ones, housewarming and we even had customers purchasing for their bosses. Don't wait!! While stocks last :) Best deal for premium quality authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps + beautiful marble base with SG ready 2 pin plug + long lasting made in uk bulbs. Payment can be bank transfer or COD For wholesale or other enquiries feel free to contact/whatsapp 96706366 A:4KG B:3.3KG (taken) C:3.3KG (taken) D:3.3KG (taken) E:3.2KG (taken) F:4.3KG (taken) G:4.1KG (taken) H:3.1KG (taken) I:3.6KG (taken) J:4.2KG (taken) K:3.2KG (taken) L:3.1KG (taken) M:3.9KG (taken) N:3.6KG O:4.5KG P:3.8KG (taken) Pls note that the above listed weight is for salt crystal ONLY. We do not include weight of marble base of approximately 500g+/-. Definitely the most bang for buck deal for Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps in SG :)