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  • 123autorental

    Friendly & knowledgeable guy. An experienced mechanic himself, so you can be confident your car is in good hand and not some fly-by-night chaps. Engine is now more ready to rev, better low end. Am looking to decarbon my other cars in my fleet.

  • azfarhashim

    If you drive a car that’s old (mine’s 20+ years old), it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to get your car de-carbonized by Max! He knows what he’s doing, he knows his stuff; best of all, it works instantly. My car feels ‘lighter’ and more responsive now. 👍🏼

  • outcries

    Try it both on my motorcycle and my car. Honestly..101% satisfaction! Works like magic!

Make your car like new car


2 months ago by decarbon








I do not have understudy/acquaintances/partner. Decarbon. Is only I, Max do alone,so pls do not believe anyone claiming to be from me can reach me at +65 9712 3409 to verify. I have shop and I work alone for Decarbon islandwide. Link for videos: Link for more reviews: Islandwide demonstration available. Instant results. All price starts from $50. Available for all car and makes Audi Volkswagen Mercedes Toyota Honda suzuki Nissan Mitsubishi. Support original and beware of imposters. Link on facts: Video links: part 1 Part 2 Note: I did not spray Throttlebody or so call cleaning in these videos. Decarbon chemical is applied only. Just to show that part 1 and after clearing part 2 it will be lesser. Original link of more cars and car groups I have done: Detail description below: Car sluggish? Lack of power? Poor fuel consumption? Pls pm for more info and price Symptoms of carbon build up are typically: Rough Idle Poor Throttle Response Flat Spots In The Vehicle’s Power Band Lack Of Engine Power Engine Misfires Loss Of Fuel Economy Cold Start Idle Issues Engine Check Light Benefits of DECARBON: Quieter Engine More Responsivehi Less Vibrations Restored Horse Power Fuel Saving Enhanced Driving Experience Smoother Engine Restored Torque And Feels Lighter Cures hesitation, stalls, pings, flat spots and rough idle due to carbon buildup Helps pass emission tests Cleans intake valves and pistons Cleans catalytic converter odors Restores power and pickup Oxygen sensor safe Carbon build on valves and inlet port explained: Due to modern unburned hydrocarbon regulations, vapors from the crankcase are usually vented into the intake stream in order to prevent oil droplets from escaping through the exhaust. In a port injection traditional engine, these droplets are washed off the neck of the intake valve by a relatively constant stream of fuel. In a direct injection engine, the gasoline doesnn’t touch the intake side of the valve. As a result, the droplets have a tendency to bake onto the valve and cause significant carbon deposits causing a reduction in performance, rough idling, difficulty starting and eventually bad sealing of the valves. To add to this effect, many advanced Direct Injection engines also include exhaust gas recirculation in order to lean out the combustion mixture and reduce in-cylinder temperatures for certain combustion modes. Since Direct Injection combustion has the ability to produce far more soot than premixed combustion (port injection), the problem is magnified. Even more alarming is that these deposits can dislodge and damage other downstream components (turbochargers, catalytic converters, etc.). Manufacturers have added systems to capture these oil droplets and particulates, but no system is 100% effective. Cars with as low as 50,000km are affected and will benefit from the clean. Even diesel engines haven’t been immune to these issues. Suitable For bmw f01 f02 f03 f04 f06 e88 e90 e92 e46 e60 f10 f20 f30 f06 f12 f13 Mercedes Benz amg Audi A1 a2 A3 a4 a5 a6 a7 a8 Quattro r8 Suzuki Swift Sport zc11 zc21 zc71 zc31 zc32 zc33 ht81 m16 m18 m20 vitara Mitsubishi CS3 CS5 evo evolution Honda vtec k20 k24 b16 b18 b20 Fd2r euro r fn2r FD1 Fd2 fd4 hrv vezel Toyota Estima alphard vellfire Altis vios axio allion wish Prius Supra trueno gt86 ncp42 ncp93 Nissan selphy Latio sunny Lexus is250 gs350 gs300 Mark X markx Mazda v6 v8 v10 v12 vvt vvti high cams forge piston skunk2 tomei Volkswagen Golf Passat Jetta touran sharan sirocco mini copper s one liana sx4 Decarbonize Decarbonise Carbon Subaru Impreza wrx sti tein api AP racing bc br monster rrp volks racing rays engine Decarbon Decarbonise decarbonize Clear Carbon

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godspeed_82My odyssey is now 35000km. I did saw some carbon more
2 hours ago
bmisteride was done by bro Max No more jerking more
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jps8888Max is great. Very helpful, knowledgeable and is more
2 days ago
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