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10000 10,000 Rupiah 1975 Barong Fine (+optional 1992)


10 months ago by mi.siam








This banknote is popularly known as the "10 thousand Rupiah Barong" piece is pictorial relief of the Borobudur temple on the front. This money is voted the Best Design and Beauty during its period. To understand the history, we need to look for the archive of what happened to the era during the circulation of the money. As it turns out that in the era of 1975 there is an important event related to the Borobudur temple, which is a massive restoration. UNESCO as one of the UN agencies that overshadow the education and culture of the world budgeted a large amount of funds to renovate the Borobudur temple. This renovation is not a fake place, but it is a big project that lasted for 7 years from 1975 to 1982. What is done on the restoration? The foundation is solidified and all 1,460 relief panels are cleaned. This restoration is done by dismantling all five square terraces and improving the drainage system by implanting aqueduct into the temple. A filtered layer and waterproofing were added. This colossal project involves 600 experts from around the world and spends a total cost of 6.9 million US dollars. Borobudur is restored by UNESCO because it represents a masterpiece in human creativity and a large cultural significance. So great was this temple that after renovation, UNESCO incorporated Borobudur into World Heritage Site list in 1991, this important event was also immortalized on the image of the back of the 10,000 rupiah of 1992. So the restoration of Borobudur temple was immortalized with the 10,000 rupiah of 1975, and events its inclusion into the World Heritage Site is depicted on the 10,000 rupiah of 1992. If you would like to own the 10,000 rupiah 1992 piece, do let me know, The reliefs used as the basis for the drawing of this money are taken from the Lalitavistara panel (the life of the Buddha) which describes the return trip of Queen Maya, Sidharta Gautama's mother who wants to give birth to the Buddha in Lumbini Park. It depictis briefly the life journey of Prince Sidharta Gautama contained in the panel carved reliefs Borobudur temple. A series of 120 relief panels at the top of the first gallery wall is the most complete Buddhist sculpture in any monument in the world. This life history of the Buddha is based on the Lalitavistara manuscript. The back of this money is a picture of a scary face described as a Barong. The "barong" is actually a statue of Batara Kala found in Jago temple, which is Buddhist temple located around Malang, East Java.

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