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  • stuckheng

    Great scan quality and awesome experience of receiving the scans via google drive! Scan quality is visibly better than other sources. Furthermore, you can collect the negatives on next visit. Worth it!

  • lenneigh

    Super fast, friendly, and convenient! Scans are high quality, and much better than what you'd get at most stores.

  • avolite

    One of the best scanning I have done in sg. Fast and top quality service.

120mm & 35mm Film Scanning Service


1 year ago by camera_assembly








*updated with sample scans* **Do read my feedback to see what our customers are saying about our scan quality :)** Why shoot film only to digitize it using a mediocre flatbed scanner or worse, have it languish in your drawer? It's simply not doing justice to your film! At CA, we are offering you a chance to bring out the best from your negatives and the assurance that your precious memories recorded will be handled with expert hands. WHY should you scan with US? 1) NOTE some vendors claim to provide "high res" images but use a flatbed scanner which produces soft images. We ONLY use state-of-the-art DEDICATED 35mm film scanners, capable of producing bringing out the true quality of film. We give you color-accurate, full resolution TIFFs compared to the low-res 72dpi nonsense JPEGS from typical film labs. We are shooters ourselves, so we understand your needs! 2) We PRIDE ourselves in getting the exact film color profile of the specific film you use, backed by our 15 years experience in the film industry. This is something which many scanning services fail to provide. 3) We ONLY use the best industrial dedicated, film scanners with color-calibrated displays that are frequently fine-tuned to ensure the highest levels of color accuracy and superb sharpness. You'll notice that your scans will be much better than before. We ensure that each individual frame meet the utmost color accuracy according to the color profile of your chosen film. NOTE: Conventional flatbed scanners or third party alternatives are just not good enough to draw out accurate color and film's unique grain structure which gives film soul. That's the whole point of shooting film, isn't it? 4) Our clients TRUST us, scanning is not just a one-off sale but a working partnership. Here we provide the most personalized service when it come to checking the color and sharpness of your scans with you. If there's something wrong with your camera, we will also notify you firsthand by analyzing your scans, in some cases. If that isn't enough to convince you, do check out our feedback section and see what our clients say about our film developing & scanning services :) ====================================== PRICES 35mm COLOR PROCESS + SCAN = $15/roll BLACK & WHITE PROCESS + SCAN = $18/roll SCAN ONLY (if film has been processed) $15/roll NOTE: we charge additional 50% for CUT negatives. So please pass us uncut rolls. Thank you. --------------------------------- 120mm COLOR (Process+Scan) $18/roll BLACK & WHITE (Process+Scan) $22/roll SCAN Only $18/roll ====================================== EXTRAS: Cross process: + $4/roll Panoramic/half frame: +$5/roll B/W push: +$2/stop/roll ⚡️Express Process +Scan*: +100% (12hrs)⚡️ NOTE: we do not process e6 slides. Only scan ***RESOLUTION & FILE SIZE*** •16-base full-sized, 16-bit TIFF files •File size• (17MB average) •Resolution• 3000x2000 pixels ====================================== A link will be sent for you to download your scanned images via Google Drive. Physical dropping off of negatives can be done by meet ups at Waterloo Street. PM us to find out more today! Give your film a new leases of life and the justice it deserves ! ⚡️⚡️⚡️EXPRESS service: Please let us know 12 hours in advance for us to set aside everything else and PRIORITIZE your scans. Thank you:)⚡️⚡️⚡️

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