(1280 Reviews)$59.90 Only For 15mm Mats. Read Our Reviews First Before Committing To Any Purchase.we Clear Ur Doubts About Online Buying.Come To The Only One In Carousell Supplier With More Than 1000 Postive Reviews


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We also carry 20MM mats which is the thickest and highest grade in Sg. Price starting from $140 for the whole set with a free embroidery logo. Cheaper than the branded mats which is only 8mm thick. **********⚠⚠⚠********** WARNING... It May Take You Awhile To Read OuR Listing But Do Read PLEASE. I'M begging you to do IT!! You Will Not Regret Spending 5mins Of Your Time Understanding Us. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. WE ONLY HAVE 1 ACCOUNT IN CAROUSELL. TOO MANY OTHERS JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON TRYING TO IMITATE US. ALL OF OUR PICTURES ARE TRUE PICTURES. WHATS A PURCHASE WITHOUT WARRANTY? BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK FROM NON RECOGNIZED SELLERS WHOM MANY VANISHED OVERNIGHT. I CAN SHOW U EMAILS CORRESPONDENCE WITH KOREAN SUPPLIERS. CAN OTHERS CLAIM THEIRS ARE FROM OUR KOREAN SUPPLIERS? NO WAY. ABSOLUTE TRUSTED SELLER HERE. WE DO NOT GIVE WARRANTY IF YOU BUY FROM OTHER RESELLERS BUYING OUR PRODUCTS AND SELLING FOR A PROFIT. TO COPY US IN THE WAY WE POST A SIMILAR LOOKING PRODUCT SHOWS HOW POPULAR WE ARE. WE LIKE TO THANK THEM WHOEVER THEY ARE😂 WE DONT SELL KNOCKOFFS MATS BOUGHT FROM PRC WEBSITES. MORE THAN 1000 POSITIVE REVIEWS TELL ALOT ABOUT US. WE ARE A SINGAPORE BUSINESS SINCE 2000. WE NOTICE SOME RESELLERS USING OUR PICS AND SELL THEIR KNOCKOFF PRC MATS AND THEIR CUSTOMERS HAVE CONTACTED US FOR LOUSY MATS WHICH ARE NOT BOUGHT FROM US BUT CLAIMED ITS FROM US. THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT MODELS OF CARS WITH DIFFERENT VARIENT FROM JUST A MODEL. FOR EXAMPLE HONDA ACCORD. THERE IS JDM ACCORD AND AGENT ACCORD. CIVIC THERE IS FD MODEL AND NEW X MODEL. 2008 THERE IS A OLD HAWKEYE IMPREZA AND HATCHBACK IMPREZA. AUDI A4 2008 THERE IS AN OLD MODEL AND NEWER 'B' MODEL. MOST RESELLERS DONT KNOW AND END UP U BUY A MAT THAT DOES NOT FIT!!! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? POOF.. THE SELLER IS GONE WITHOUT A TRACE. UR HARD EARNED MONEY IS THROWN TO A SCAMMER. WE CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH RECEIPTS WITH OUR COMPANY STAMP WITH STATED WARRANTY ON HEELPLATE FOR 1 MTH. BUY WITH A PIECE OF MIND WITH US. HONESTY IS OUR BEST POLICY. OUR CUSTOMERS BASE FROM 1. SMOVE SINGAPORE WITH BULK PURCHASE ON THEIR FLEET OF VEHICLES FOR RENTAL . TILL DATE 400 CARS. 2. COURIER COMPANIES FLEET OF VANS FROM D** 3. TRANSPORT COMPANY WM TRANSPORT, TRANSA*IA MARINE, M*S SINGAPORE AND MANY MORE UBER AND GRAB CAR DRIVERS. BUY ONLY FROM TRUSTED SELLER. I CAN SHOW U PICS FROM THOSE BULK PURCHASE UPON UR REQUEST. 1 SET WE ALSO SELL.. WE SERVE EVERYONE WITH PRIDE *take note warranty on our heelplate for 1 month only. Wear and tear or personal damage on mats will have no warranty* WE ARE A LONG REPUTABLE BUSINESS SPANNING OVER 19 YEARS! 1Month warranty on heelplate upon purchase. Not some flybynight company selling you lousy carmats from PRC. Or pasar malam quality. All carmats from korea. Pics upon request will be given as proof. Travel pics to korean factory upon meet ups. All car mats purchase comes with official receipt in case you require a claim for it. And with the warranty stamp I am not a free lancer not a car dealer not a pasar malam seller. I am your full time supplier. All pics i have are painstakenly taken over the years. Ask for the pics. I can show you if i have it.. All models available. Check through my previous listings. Japanese and korean makes: Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Nissan, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, Van and lorries at $47.90. Eg. Hiace, NV350, Kangoo Taxis models: I40, latitude, Merc e250, Prius. All models. Depending on whether your floorboard have got velvets if not will provide anti-slip MPVs : Estima, wish,stream, odyssey, touran, freed, outlander, grandis, c4 picasso, and many more. All avail for front and back. Boot mats at $38 for black and $40 for coloured ones Luxury makes : BMW, MERCEDES, AUDI, VOLKSWAGON, RENAULT, CITREON, MINI COOPER, JAGUAR, LAND ROVER AND ALOT MORE. MOST MODELS ARE BETWEEN 5 TO 20 DOLLARS MORE AS MOST INTERIOR ARE BIGGER. Super luxury: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maclaren, Maserati. All pics avail. Promotion for online purchase, free embossing of vehicle models on driver mats. For eg. 1st pic. Embroidery available at 8 bucks each. Please.check with us and will explain in details. Follow us and expect newer promotions. Self collect or choose delivery for $15 to $20. Our customers have proven without a doubt we are using the best thickest materials in the market. No cheap stuffs. We don't verbally give warranty for our mats. We do it in context. Absolutely willing to do a 1 to 1 exchange if u find our mats not up to ur standards. Look at our other listings! We serve all levels and types of vehicles with pride. Our reviews In carousell comes from business owners, CEO, hawkers people like u and me. No gimmicks absolutely! . PLEASE NOTE WE ALSO DO CUSTOMISE ALL MODELS OF LUXURY CARS LIKE BMW MERC LEXUS VOLKSWAGON AUDI SAAB RENAULT PEUGEOT CITROËN LORRY AND VANS FUSO HIACE LITEACE KANGOO PARTNER DYNA NV200 NV350 TAXIS E CLASS SONATA RENAULT LATITUDE I40 PRIUS. EPICA AND ALOT MORE MODELS. PLEASE ENQUIRE FROM US. WE WONT BITE! INFACT WE LOVE TO BE BITTEN.! COLLECTION SAME DAY NOW POSSIBLE! !! WE GIVE BEST PRICE GUARANTEE AND 100PERCENT REFUND IF YOU FIND LOWER PRICE WITH SAME QUALITY.! BUY ONLY FROM THE BEST! DRIVE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY AROUND AND LEAVE THEM IN AWE WITH THE CUSTOMISED CAR MATS. BUY WITH A PIECE OF MIND WITH THE MOST LEGIT SELLERS IN CAROUSELL. MOST PROFESSIONAL WITH PICTURES TO SHOW! WE ARE THE MOST ACCOMODATING, MOST LEGIT, NO GIMMICKS SELLER. NEVER HAD A BAD REVIEW. FROM THE THOUSANDS OF CAR MATS WE SOLD, NOTHING CAME BACK WITH A BAD REVIEW. WE HAVE THOUSANDS OF PICTURES TO SHOW UPON REQUEST! CHURNING OUT ON AVERAGE 70 CARMATS PER DAY FOR CAROUSELL CUSTOMERS. JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON OF PERSONALISE RIDE. YOU DONT HAVE TO SPEND A BOMB TO BEAUTIFY UR RIDE! WE ARE THE BEST IN WHAT WE DO. WE ALSO INSTALL ON THE SPOT FOR YOU! OUR 2014 WAS A BLAST!!! FOLLOW US IN CAROUSELL AND READ OUR CUSTOMERS REVIEWS. WE ARE NO SHADY SELLERS! ABSOLUTELY TRUE AND NO GIMMICKS! THANK YOU TO OUR CUSTOMERS FOR TRUSTING AND SUPPORTING US IN 2014 ! IT MEANS ALOT TO US! AND TO MAKE 2015 BETTER, WE ARE CONTINUING TO GIVE FREE EMBOSSING OF CAR MODELS! (WORTH $5.00) EVERYWHERE WE HEAR INFLATION PRICE INCREASE. US???? WE MAINTAIN OUR PRICE !! $59.90 FOR FULL SET OF CAR MATS!! SOME SAY WE ARE THE MOST ECONOMICAL/CHEAPEST IN SG, MALAYSIA, BATAM,VIETNAM,THAILAND AND EVEN,SENTOSA? ?? ;) DO U WORK IRREGULAR HRS? WE WORK IRREGULAR HRS TOO!! COLLECTION OF CAR MAT AVAILABILE AT NIGHT. LATEST SLOT 9PM. NEW NEW NEW!!!! STARTING FROM 01/01/2015. WE ARE DOING DIRECT EMBROIDERY OF YOUR CAR MODELS OR EXACT MODELS!!! DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. CHECK OUT OUR 2ND PHOTO! FREE NORMAL PAPER EMBOSSING OF CAR MODELS STILL GOING ON!! DIRECT EMBROIDERY AT ADDITIONAL $8.00 ONLY. - USUAL PRICE UP TO $15.00. REAL CATCH!! Carousell me if you have any queries. . OPEN TO ALL ENQUIRES 24/7. PERSONALLY WILL INSTALL CAR MATS FOR CLIENTS. CAN REFER TO OUR REVIEWS. WE WILL DO IT. (NO HASSLES) JUST ORDER !! WHY WAIT?? Just let us know your car model, and expect to receive it even on the same day! We have molds of up to 1000++ vehicles of all years!!! UPDATED . PLEASE READ ON TO UNDERSTAND OUR COMMITMENTS TOWARDS YOU. Direct factory price. Customised carmats for any vehicles including van and lorries. All carmat comes in 2 front pieces and 1 back or 3piece. Or for most models 3 back pieces. Makes the interior of your car looks 10x more of your personal style. Additional boot mat could also be purchased. Rest assured your floorboard will never be found with 1 dirt any more!. Our mats are customised fit to your car model and a little bigger so that dust/dirt cannot flow underneath the mat. Very easy to wash and clean. Just lift up, give it a pat on the back/spray with water and it will be as clean as new and continue serving you;) One car mat life span easily can go up to 3 years. So why wait. Throw away that ugly original mat of yours and get your own customised carmats now! Chat up with us. No obligations, your worries and doubts will be gone. . Our reviews says it all. 19 positive reviews in 3 days and 29 positive reviews in 3 weeks and an ever increasing group of customers. Every customer is important to us and we ensure maximum attention to details up to installation of your mat to our best abilities. No gimmicks top grade car mats in 10 colours. All car mats comes with heel plate for better sole traction. Car mats can be in red and heel plate in black. Any 10 colours mix and match. I am selling at the lowest price in the market mainly because I believe in giving the best price to my customers. Would suggest self collection at sengkang or punggol at night as day time my driver is usually doing for car dealers.If during day time usually we will be around town area. i will instruct my driver to pick up the mats and myself will inspect the mats so that we could continue giving the best piece and best fit. 100 %fit. And now..... The price for normal saloon cars. Not $90.00 Not $80.00 Not $70.00 What?? It's $59.90 !!!! For front and back customised piece car mats. Add another $38.00 if you want the boot mat. boot mats will be at 10mm as its not for stepping. Separate purchase of boot mat at $50.00. Lowest price ever advertised on the Web! For luxury models usually add $5.00 to $20.00 depending on models or for some still at same price. Open for enquiries. Delivery is now possible! $15.00 to $20.00 island wide! . (Night self - collection highly recommended) savings of $15.00. Can purchase 10 kopi peng or teh peng. ;) Only 1 terms and conditions (Please understand I'm bringing the best price to the public therefore if you order and Do not honour your order, I may be stuck with this kind colours.) Totally legal and trustworthy. No gimmicks. PROMOTION!!!! ONLY DURING THIS FESTIVE SEASON! !!! FREE EMBOSSING OF YOUR CAR MODELS ON THE CAR MAT. FOR HONDA: YOU MAY EMBOSS HONDA WORD OR MUGEN FOR TOYOTA: YOU MAY EMBOSS TOYOTA WORD OR TRD FOR SUBARU: YOU MAY EMBOSS SUBARU OR STI. FOR MITSUBISHI: YOU MAY EMBOSS MITSUBISHI OR RALLIART SO ON AND SO FORTH. PLEASE CHECK AVAILABILITY. USUAL PRICE FOR EMBOSSING. $5.00-$8.00. NOW ONLY NOW ONLY FREE DURING THIS PROMOTION PERIOD. (Please note I have customers who wants to emboss their names or brands like LV, Gucci, Prada, also chanel which regretfully cannot be done. Only popular cars and the models.

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