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Free accounting for GST, P&L and Balance Sheet Salary calculator Car wash kit DVB-T2 TV box 12V Battery Wet & Dry Car vacuum cleaner Multi Exercise equipment Cash & Collect @ Tampines Package content 12V power bank (12-120w lasting 2 - 4 hours) car jump start cable Charging adapter (fast charging) Size (Approx) : L200 × B75 × H120 mm Weight : 2.6kg Description Power on/off button LED light on/off button Digital power strength indicator battery charging input 1 × Power output (car cigarette outlet) No assembly is required (ready to use) With this small and powerful power bank, you can bring your 220V power supply anywhere you go. This power bank can power up 220V with an inverter (available now) Useful for : ☆ plug into the cigarette lighter socket to power up all electronic and electrical accessories including : > High pressure car wash machine > tire pump > desk top computer, laptop, tablet etc > TV > DVD > tablet, note book, laptop, desktop computer > PS4 > lighting > camping > fishing > chalet > BBQ > charging multiple gadgets > car vacuum and any home appliances Any time, Any where ☆ Alternatively you may use it as a portable power generator anywhere with a 12V to 220V power inverter for using home appliances that required up to 220V 120W 9Ah ☆ Light & Portable for outdoor use Type: Apple Accessories Brand: 12V battery