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Adjustable power and voltage range: 0-19.9V, delay time 0-9 seconds adjustable, set value can be power memory. For example: the power supply voltage 13.0V, power supply voltage 12.9V, delay time 5 seconds, then the voltage is higher than 13.0V, 5 seconds after power, in 5 seconds if the voltage is lower than 12.9, After power, when the voltage is lower than 12.9V, 5 seconds after the power, if In 5 seconds the voltage is higher than 13.0V, the output will not power. Note: This product can be used to control the driving recorder, 360 monitoring, car audio and other automotive electronic equipment, load current can not be higher than 20A, do not directly control the vehicle power supply, control the output of the vehicle battery to increase the current contactor. Voltage on and off value set Reference: 12V battery car, when the battery voltage is normal range 12.0-13.0V, less than 11V may not be able to launch, generally lower than 11.5V should cut off some of the load to prevent the battery power loss, if the load connected to the battery often electricity, such as parking monitoring equipment, can be set higher than 11.6V Power, less than 11.5V power failure or higher than 11.7V power below 11.6V power. When the engine is ignited, the normal range of the battery voltage is 13.5--14.5V. If you want to power the load when the car is started (such as the driving recorder, the daytime running lights), you can set 13.5V power, 13.1V power. Some high-end models, with a constant pressure device, that is, when the car starts the voltage will be around 12.0V, it is not appropriate to use this product. Manual,Qingdao,Netizen-anywhere,,singapore,any&newver=1&newfm=1&secfm=1&flow_ver=3&pkey=14000f6d5e1b506e95df5e5d328d4508368318c82574000000016f38&sl=76480590&expires=1499494025&rt=sh&r=216959428&sh=1&mlogid=4373733266333026079&vuk=282335&vbdid=2674057706&fin=VRL2.0%E4%BD%BF%E7%94%A8%E8%AF%B4%E6%98%8E.pdf&rtype=1&iv=0&dp-logid=4373733266333026079&dp-callid=0.1.1&hps=1&csl=80&csign=ZMLyV6T0L9zkkwFfMOo%2F4sxc4LA%3D&so=0&ut=6&uter=4&serv=0&by=themis

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