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By committing to this transaction, you agree to abide by the Terms and Condition. ♦️Our Role♦️ 1.0 You are authorizing us as sales agent or online shopping concierge service provider to act on your behalf in the ordering process, in facilitating communication exchange with supplier & in any other activities related to the sales transaction ♦️Listing and Description♦️ 1.1 For bulk purchases, the listing price will stated the price of 1 item. (Example: Description states 5 units for $25 whereas listed price is $5. This does not mean that buyer can buy item at $5/unit , with free shipping) Only bulk purchases are entitled to free shipment. 1.2 In the case by which a listing has a few variations (eg. Different sizes), the listed price represents the cheapest item listed in all the pictures. It does not mean that the item in the 1st picture is sold at the listed price. 1.3.There is a minimum order of $5 even though some items are listed at below $5. ♦️No cancel♦️ 2.0 After commiting to a transaction, buyer cannot cancel his/her order. Any approved cancellation will be subject to penalties/fines such as 10-50% on the item. This applies to customers not reading our description properly and transferring the wrong amount. Cancellation of orders are not allowed for delivery issues once an order has been processed. ♦️Payment♦️ 2.1 Items require full payment before self collect or delivery. ♦️Assemblage♦️ 3.0 Items that are not stated as providing free installation, has to be self assembled ♦️Delivery♦️ 3.1 As delivery is outsourced, it is not possible to choose date or timing. Delivery team / courier company will contact recipient for delivery. Any delays in delivery will not be compensated. No cancellation wrt delivery issues or delay. 3.2 Free delivery is for ONE time delivery only, any subsequent redelivery attempts / exchanges are subject to additional fees paid by buyer. Also, free delivery is ONLY applicable for lift level delivery. If the house at not at lift level, additional charges will be incurred such as $10-30 per flight of stairs 3.3 Any lost parcels due to normal mails are not compensated. For tracked parcels (such as Ninjavan, Qxpress, etc), that are marked as delivered, and claimed as non-receipt by customers will not be compensated too. Buyers are encouraged to contacted the courier company directly using the tracking number provided and seek compensation. Buyers can also file a police report if such cases occur. Buyers are advised to survey their vicinity to check if their neighhours or the guardhouse have received on behalf of them. ♦️Acceptance of Goods - No refund♦️ 4.0 Buyer has the responsibility to check the goods (accuracy of item sent, condition or installation orientation) before acceptance. Once accepted, no exchanges or refunds. ♦️Filing Request of Return/Refund of Goods♦️ 4.1.0 For items that are in a parcel (rendering customer to not be able to check on the spot), defective/wrong item has to be reported within 2days of receipt with video and picture proof. Buyer has to check item's condition before assembly. If buyer proceed with installation / usage / tag removal it is presumed that the buyer has accepted the item condition as is. 1-1 product exchange, component exchange, partial / full refund is on a case by case basis and solely determined by supplier. 4.1.1 In the case by which a self assembly product is assembled and still eligible for return, buyer has to unassemble the product and take a photo of the pieces unassembled in the box, before return application will be approved. As sales agent our role is only to facilitate the transaction & information exchange. In general, major defect impacting functionality has better chance of getting support while minor cosmetic defect (e.g. dent, scratch) is not sufficient basis for exchange or refunds. 4.2.0 The picture proof has to first show the full picture of the item, and a zoomed-in view of the defects. Photo has to be taken with good lighting and clarity to increase chances of approval of refund. 4.2.1 The video proof needs to show full product and then a zoomed-in video of the defect. 4.3.0 The failure to report the item's inaccuracy or defect (with needed documentations) will be deemed as customer forfeiting the rights to return. The rights to return is subject to approval, depending on the severity of the damage or how different item is from advertised. 4.3.1 Buyer can inform seller to extend the guarantee period by another 2 days, if needed. If we don't hear from buyer within 2days period, case has to be closed. Buyers are hence encouraged to monitor their Carousell chat from time to time. ♦️Return Shipment of Goods♦️ 4.4.0 Upon approval of the return request, item has to be returned within 2days via a registered courier (tracking number has to be provided). On certain cases, item has to be returned to a collection point within a specific timeframe. 4.4.1 Return Shipment may be compensated depending on how severely damaged the product was. In some cases of defects, return shipment is refunded. 4.4.2 For items by which the seller is arranging for pickup, buyer has to follow the date/timing of the return pick-up (due to limited delivery slots), and print the return shipping label. The failure to return the parcel upon pick-up (including reasons like not being able to print shipping label), means that buyer has forfeited his rights to return. 4.4.3 Buyer has to submit the tracking number, with address details (sent from his home to destination), and receipt proof, if needed and approved to claim return shipping ♦️No Return Policy♦️ 5.0 A return policy may not be approved if I) Packaging is missing or severely damaged ii) Item was damaged by buyer iii) Item was not packaged properly when returning, causing it to be damaged iv) Buyer does not know how to install the product thereby putting the blame on seller v) The defect is only a cosmetic defect. Vi) Only part of item is damaged; replacement will be sent. ♦️Refund♦️ 5.2 A refund will only be processed through UOB/DBS internetbanking transfer. ♦️Seller's rights♦️ 6.0 We reserve the right to cancel any order (such as due to out of stock) and customer will be refunded in full. No extra compensation will be given due to out of stock cases 6.1 We reserve the right to not pick up calls due to safety reasons. All queries are recommended to be made on Carousell Inbox 6.2 This Mini Shop is made up of 3 Admins. Do not worry if you didnt receive a response when your message has been marked "seen". Our colleague in charge will reply to you when he/she is online 6.3 We reserve the right, to not reply on Carousell Chat, to abusive customers.

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