1580-1980 The 400th Year Anniversary of Luiz Camoes, Scene in the Os Lusíadas. Rare Massive Bronze Medal by M. Inacio.


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We have on offer here a 1580-1980 The 400th Year Anniversary of Luiz Camoes, Scene in the Os Lusíadas. Rare Massive Bronze Medal by M. Inacio. (U-45) This is an absolutely massive medal of the following dimensions:- Size: 125 mm in diameter Thickness: 10 mm at base Weight: > 925 grams approx (32.5 oz) Origin: Portugal The medal is designed by medallist M. Inacio. At its base is inscribed as '231 [D]ART'. Mintage is expected to be rather Low. An estimated to be at most no more than 400-500 pieces conservatively. This makes this Massive Medal a piece of rarity hardly able to come by of such high and beautiful relief and incredible details. A stunningly beautiful designer piece of rarely available massive size. About Luiz Camoes:- Luís Vaz de Camões (c. 1524 or 1525 – 10 June 1580), is considered Portugal's and the Portuguese language's greatest poet. His mastery of verse has been compared to that of Shakespeare, Vondel, Homer, Virgil and Dante. He wrote a considerable amount of lyrical poetry and drama but is best remembered for his epic work Os Lusíadas (The Lusiads). His collection of poetry The Parnasum of Luís de Camões was lost in his lifetime. The influence of his masterpiece Os Lusíadas is so profound that Portuguese is sometimes called the "language of Camões". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lu%C3%ADs_de_Cam%C3%B5es?wprov=sfsi1 About Os Lusíadas - Epic poem by Luís de Camões: Os Lusíadas usually translated as The Lusiads, is a Portuguese epic poem by Luís Vaz de Camões (sometimes anglicized as Camoëns). It is often regarded as the most important work of Portuguese literature and is frequently compared to the Aeneid, Virgil's great epic poem. The work celebrates the discovery of a sea route to India by the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama (1469–1524). The ten cantos of the poem are in ottava rima and total 1,102 stanzas. Written in Homeric fashion, the poem focuses mainly on a fantastical interpretation of the Portuguese voyages of discovery during the 15th and 16th centuries. Os Lusíadas is often regarded as Portugal's national epic, much as Virgil's Aeneid was for the Ancient Romans, or Homer's Iliad and Odyssey for the Ancient Greeks. It was written when Camões was an exile in Macau and was first printed in 1572, three years after the author returned from the Indies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Os_Lus%C3%ADadas?wprov=sfsi1 Self pickup. You are looking at an original listing by Emporium-Antiquities.com. With 100% excellent Feedback, you can buy with confidence! Thank you for viewing this listing. Note: Please click the on-line Emporium @ http://emporium-antiquities.com/collections/everything www.Emporium-Antiquities.com Keywords: Golden Gold Silver Platinum Diamond Emerald Ruby Sapphire Jade Opal Coin Medal Thaler Taler Yen Won Dollar Cent Peso VOC British Straits Borneo Sumatra Java Batavia Malaya Aceh Malacca Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Japan Korea China Sultanate Victoria Edward George Elizabeth Dragon Eagle Proof UNC Uncirculated Merchant Trade King Emperor Queen Gift Present Piastre Indochine Cochin Ducat