17 Inch Original Advan RS 5x114.3 Rims Only


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17" x 8" wide, pcd 5x114.3, offset +45 Suitable for Honda , Mitsubishi, Suzuki , Subaru STi, certain makes of Toyota Mild kerb rash on rims. Rims are straight and not warped or dented. Rims are taken off my Accord Euro R Cash & carry, no swap needed. Price is firm. For those who are illiterate, there's really not much more I can do for you. If keen,please arrange viewing. Otherwise,do yourself a favour and skip this post. As the Hokkien saying goes, mai gong wu gong bo. Oh one last thing,price is FIRM. Tell your grandfather & sob stories to other sellers ya. 😂 Rims only,no tyres Previously mounted on Honda Accord Euro R. The pics shown are for visual illustration.

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