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1994 - 2004 Singapore Mint Uncirculated Coin Sets (HongBao Packs) - Trade in is welcome.


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1994-2004, Singapore Mint Second Series Uncirculated Coin Sets (HongBao Packs) Price valid only while stock lasts. Selling the whole lot (11 sets) at S$188. Individual prices as follows: 1994 - S$23 each - limited stock 1995 - S$15 each 1996 - S$15 each 1997 - S$15 each 1998 - S$15 each 1999 - S$20 each (limited stock) 2000 - S$18 each 2001 - S$18 each 2002 - S$18 each 2003 - S$20 each 2004 - S$20 each Trade in is welcome. This is how it works. Use what you do not want to trade-in for something you like. We can agree on a mutual price and top up the difference in cash. To view all my other coin listings, please use the search function and key in "coin" and you will be able to browse all my other listings. Please SMS or WhatApps me at 8161 6106 (please do not call as I may not be able to respond to you immediately). Details: After stopping for one year in 1993, the Singapore Mint continued to issue the second series of uncirculated coin sets from 1994 onward. It comprises of 1c - $5 coins (7 coins in total). This time round, the coins were housed in a red card holder that resemble the traditional HongBao (Red Packets). Hence, this became known as the HongBao Packs. This HongBao Packs proved to be so popular that it continued until 2016. And from 2003 onward, the 1-cent coin was retired out of circulation. The uncirculated coin set was back to 6 coins from 5c to $5. This series ended in 2013 when the 3rd series of coins was introduced. Specifications: The second series of circulation coins in uncirculated sets made its debut in 1986. Modelled after Singapore's image as a "Garden City", various local plants and flowers are featured on the reverse of the coins while the obverse bears a stylised version of the Singapore Arms. Denomination: 1-cent Design: Vanda Miss Joaquim Composition: Copper plated Zinc Weight: 1.24g Diameter: 15.90mm Denomination: 5-cent Design: Fruit Salad Plant Composition: Aluminium Bronze Weight: 1.56g Diameter: 16.75mm Denomination: 10-cent Design: Star Jasmine Composition: Cupro-nickel Weight: 2.60g Diameter: 18.50mm Denomination: 20-cent Design: Powder-Puff Plant Composition: Cupro-nickel Weight: 4.50g Diameter: 21.36mm Denomination: 50-cent Design: Yellow Allamanda Composition: Cupro-nickel Weight: 7.29g Diameter: 24.66mm Denomination: $1 Design: Periwinkle Composition: Aluminium Bronze Weight: 6.30g Diameter: 22.40mm Denomination: $5 Design: Vanda Miss Joaqium Composition: Cupro-nickel & Aluminium Bronze Weight: 6.70g Diameter: 23.30mm

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