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2.12 CT. Dark Blue Sapphire Princess Share 2018-P02, Gemstone, Engagement ring, Blue color Gemstone


2 months ago by contemporaneous








Check out the video here. If you’re not big on the idea of an all-diamond engagement ring, shake things up a bit with a gorgeous Dark blue sapphire ring. It’s easy to fall in love – and stay in love! – with such timeless beauty for years to come. GIA Certified for Diamonds and Gemstones upon confirmation. Available NOW, posted on 22 Sept. 2018. Reserve it quick while the item still with us in stocks. Great value pieces to show Carousellers (short period only) All these Special Jewelry/Diamonds/Gemstones are rare opportunities, we usually show customer one at a time in private. Once it is sold, hard to find the same again. If you are looking for a proposal diamond ring or other special/rare gemstone rings, Please PM with Quality, Budget and Date. Only by appointments! We understand your challenges when looking for your proposal ring At Autium, we select the best in your price range and offer you the GIA cert to inspect and view the ONE diamond that is closest to your heart in the best value! About Pricing: As you know every ring is based on your size, we can quote accurately through that and know how much material we need. Lead time is 3 weeks, order early! Customise. Any designs in the WORLD! Size: All Available (Get accurate measures in store) Materials: Silver, Titanium, Gold, 22kt 18kt White, Yellow, Rose Diamonds: Certified (GIA) & Non-Certified Gemstone: Precious & Semi-Precious Please support us by CONTACT US we are always online! Inspiration on Instagram: Watch our Jewellery Videos! Autium is located at 10 Hoot kiam road, 249395. Near Great world city, river valley, Orchard MRT. We open 10am- 7pm, Tues-Sat Appointments preferred as our work is design based :) ** Get a free voucher of $50 when you visit us for an appointment on your first purchase of jewellery customisation. Leave us your name/ contact number by email Tags: Jewellery, Autium, Customised services, gemstone, 18k Gold, 22K Gold, 24K Gold, 916, Pure Gold, designer jewellery, Singapore designer, Singapore jewellery, made in Singapore, engagement rings, proposal rings, wedding bands, bridal jewellery, diamonds, GIA, apatite turquoise, gemstone, special colour change, synthetic diamonds, designer diamonds, precious metals, precious stone, precious gemstone, semi-precious stone, semi-precious gemstone, rare diamonds, rare gemstone, rare stone, emrald, ruby, sapphire, green sapphire, blue topaz, opal, peridot, topaz, spinel, tourmaline, aquamarine, amethyst, turquoise, tanzanite, amber, citrine, zircon, crystal quartz, onyx, lapis lazuli, beryl, jade, kunzite, alexandrite, heliodor, apatite, coral, garnets, fire opal, colour diamonds, Color Diamonds, cubib zirconia, Iolite, Ivory, Actinolite, adamite, Agate, Albite, algodonite, Almandine garnet, amazonite, amber, Amblygonite gems, Ametrine, 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