**2 ALL RESERVE**💥75% OFF ➡FOLLOWERS💥🏵BIG 80CM🏵◆SANRIO ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC BRAND NEW IN WRAPPER◆ JAPAN Hello Kitty Pink Strawberry BIG Plush Doll/Toy! Hug, Display, gift, Baby Shower, Present! CLEAN IN PLASTIC (Not Open) Clean Hse No pet No smoker


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◆SANRIO ORIGINAL - AUTHENTIC & BRAND NEW◆ 😲 Approx: 80cm TALL!! (BIG) 😲 (SUPER CUTE! See to believe~) 🎀 JAPAN Hello Kitty Pink Strawberry BIG Plush Soft Doll/Toy! 🎀 🐰 Soft! 🐰 Hugging, Display, Housewarming gift, Baby Shower, Present or even as a Surprise! 🐰 CLEAN IN PLASTIC (Not Open take pic) 🐰 Clean Hse No pet No smoker 🐰 BEST for Chinese New Year 🐰 Been keeping in wardrobe in plastic, NEVER TAKEN OUT at all. 👍 🐰 Too many plush/ dolls in my wardrobe, never have a chance to open and hug. 🐰 Wanting to find a NEW OWNER for them 😙 🐰 Very Very Soft Fur! Even children/ kids can hug. They sure to like it 🐰 Use for displayed at home at a corner or bedside for reading~~ ! Isn't it CUTE? 💜 DESCRIPTIONS 💜 ◆ BRAND NEW ◆ Collector's Item :D ◆ Sanrio Original Authentic item!! ◆ BRAND NEW in PLASTIC (Not even Open to take pic, absolutely CLEAN) ◆ 100% a great pressie!!! 😁 ◆ Very Good to hug or accompany children/ someone special. ◆ Approximately: 80cm Tall!! ◆ Smooth & Soft (Use For Travelling or at home use) ◆ SUPER CUTE Red Hello Kitty Plush doll (May find the My Melody series too) ◆ A Special Gift for a friend!! She will ♥ it for sure!! ^-^/ ◆ Clean house, No pet and No smoker ◆ BUY AT EASE ❤ REASONS FOR SELLING ❤ 🐰 Xiaoahgal realised i have more than 300 Plushes/ soft toys/ dolls counting and i never open and use. 😂😂 (still in plastic wrapper w tag in displayed) Hence posting and selling now at DISCOUNTED PRICE or more than 50% OFF as I have too many and will only been keeping 30+ or so for myself!! 🐰 All Authentic, Brand new & clean Cute Sanrio Original Doll! 🐰 Will be posting soon fews daily, stay tune ~~" 🐰:" Xiaoahgal simply bought so many things over the years and never have a chance to use as many are repeated purchases. 😂 like Hello Kitty & My Melody files/ pouches/ cups & bowls/ notebook & notepads/ pens & plush soft dolls etc has too many many... Implusive buy~~." 💛 Great for Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little twin stars, Purin Purin, Tuxedo Sam, Keroppi, Winnie the Pooh and Badtz maru collectors & lovers! 🐰 I BOUGHT THIS: $199 -- FAST DEAL at $55 NOW!! 😲😲 (75% DISCOUNT NOW!!!) 💛 75% STRAIGHT DISCOUNT FOR FAST DEAL!! 😲😲 💛 FREE HAND DELIVERY worth $5 inclusive~~ ($149 discount in total!!) HURRY❣❣ 🐇💨💨... ❤ (Please view my other listings at FAST DEAL special price)