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BN 2 inch dual color navy fuschia pink seat belt strap customization Top color: 1 inch navy Bottom color : 2 inch fuschia pink With hardware (silver or blackware) 2 inch adjustable short strap (45-75cm) $24 2 inch adjustable long strap (68 - 120cm) $27 2 inch Short strap 45cm $21 You name it, it can be done. Some straps are ready made and available for sale in my other listing Please PM for quote, I am friendly :) tag: jujube, no hardware seatbelt, strap, hbb, hobobe, tokidoki, Sanrio, Perky toki, PT, Space place, SP. FR, DSS, KJC, Kaijiu, Supertoki, Sweet Victory, Unikiki, UKK2, rosy posy, sea punk

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