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*Special promotion for limited period* Buy any 4 sets of puzzle cards @ $30 and receive free postage by Singpost! New and sealed item. Each set of 20 colorful self-checking cards helps early learners learn. Each is packaged in resealable plastic case. This complete set of cards is great for reinforcing early language skills; - spelling - new concepts - picture and word association - starting the kid to read words fluently - preparing the kid for word building - phonics skills - recognitions of concepts - increasing vocabulary - reading for meaning - making kid aware of the needs to put differnet letter sounds to form words - preparing the kid to understand the different words with the same meaning - preparing the kid to know the differences in meaning between two similarly sounded words Learning Skills: Two-letter Word Endings. Three-letter Word Endings. Beginning Blends. Long & Short Vowel Sounds. Word Recognition. Letter Recognition. Homophones. Reading. Spelling.

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