2 Pairs -- Pro-assist Children Tailor-made Custom Orthotic Insoles


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Strictly for children from age of 6 to 9 years old. 2 pairs of custom orthotic insoles for the price of $388 only. Normal pricing- $658. (Up to 40% Discount) Pro-assist custom orthotic insoles (soft insoles) [trademark and copyright of Orthotics Lab Singapore] are created upon the success of Orthotic Lab Singapore's best reviewed custom insoles. Used by hospitals and clinics in Singapore, we hope to address the under-served children segment in Singapore. Together with the latest 3D scanning technology and best 3D manufacturing from Europe and Australia, the result is the precision custom orthotic insoles. Yes, we tailor-made based on your child's feet contours and correction by senior Feet Specialists. If your child has 1) flat feet 2) bunion 3) low feet pain 4) low ankle pain 5) low knee pain 6) low back pain 7) fall down easily And you wish to proactively manage his/ her feet conditions, you could allow your child to have a head start than their peers today. Walking upright. 矫正鞋垫。if you often wish that you would like to create the favorable conditions for your child to grow taller. Visit www.orthoticslabsingapore.com for more information. Strictly by appointments only.