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★Promotion: Buy 1 tin for $8, Buy 3 tins for $20! (Mix & Match possible)★ Fukuoka Japan Ultra 3-in-1 Car Care Set 1. Engine Flush (300-ml) : $8 - Removes deposits and residues from engines. - Prevents blockages & oil starvation to working parts. - Suitable to use in both petrol & diesel internal engines, before engine oil change. 2. Engine Oil Additive (300-ml) : $8 - Improves engine power and efficiency - Reduces noise and vibration level - Protects engine against heat, corrosion and wear. - Easy to use & Suitable for all types of internal combustion engines. 3. Fuel System Cleaner (300-ml) : $8 - Deeply cleanse & restore flow in fuel injectors, intake valves & combustion chambers. - Increases the reliability and service life of all components within the fuel system - Reduces fuel consumption and maximizes fuel efficiency - Decrease hard starts & rough idling. Payment Terms: Cash only / Self-Collection For enquiries, please pm or contact me at +65 8200 4155. Tags internal engine cleaner engine oil additive flush fuel system cleaner automotive car care products

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