2014 - 2016 Singapore Mint 3rd Series of Uncirculated Coin Set


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2014 - 2016, Singapore 3rd series of uncirculated coin sets. Selling prices as follows: 2014, Year of the Horse (pic 2) S$78.80 2015, Year of the Goat (pic 3) S$33.80 2016, Year of the Monkey (pic 4) S$33.80 - only ONE left. This is the third series of coins minted by the Singapore Mint. It comprises of 5c - $5 coins (6 coins in total). The coins are housed in a red coloured card folder resembling the traditional hongbao (red packet). Hence it is also known as the HongBao Pack. There are only 3 issues of the new 3rd series so far. There will be no Hongbao set in 2017. The 3rd series coin designs feature national icons and landmarks of Singapore that are familiar to Singaporeans and reflect various aspects of Singapore's progress as a nation. The 3rd series uncirculated coins are packaged together with the bi-metallic scallop-shaped $5 uncirculated coin The $5 coin feature a latent image on the observe side, which reads either 'MAS' or the year depending on the angle one looks at it from. Own a piece of Singapore's history now. Interested buyers, please sms or whatapps me at 8161 6106 (please do not call as I may not be able to respond to you immediately)