2016/2017 Subaru Forester Auto Side Mirror Fold and Window Wind Up.


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Brand new 2016/2017 Subaru Forester Auto Side Mirror Folding and Window Wind Up. No wire cutting needed. sms/whatsapp 96919741 for your inquiry. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSBrLyzoHLw Functions: 1. Auto Side Mirror Folding. -Side mirror fold when door locked. Unfolded when unlocked. 2. Auto window wind up -When door locked, window will wind up. Prevent forgot of window winding. -Able to unwind window from remote control to cool down cabin temperature before boarding under hot sun. 3. Ventilation Window Gap - Able to leave a small gap(2-3cm) on all window for ventilation when parking under hot sun. 4. 1 Touch Window up and down. - 1 touch for all window at driver's side.

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