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4 wires: $150 8 wires: $270 ↪Feel free to make an appointment to try it↩ ✔Handmade by me ✔24AWG 7N Blue Plated Copper Litz in PE insulation ✔Mundorf Silver gold Supreme (9.5% silver) solder ✔MMCX , 2-Pin, Fitear, HD600/650 ✔Oyaide jack ✩Lead time: 1-3 days✩ ✩Boon Lay MRT to Bouna Vista MRT✩ ♦Please message me for other kind of pins and jack♦ Very beautiful and special cable! Its had a spacious and clear sounding with crystal clear instrument separation. Please follow my instagram for the latest update! Social media: Instagram From Norne Audio: Why OCC? Used throughout the high end audio industry in most flagship cable products, occ provides the superior quality copper and silver possible today.OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) is the name given to the casting process developed to help defeat annealing issues and virtually eliminate all grain boundaries in copper or silver with a unique patented process. The OCC casting method uses specialized heated moulds in order to draw a single crystal up to 125 meters in length. With only a single crystal in very long lengths, there is an unimpeded free path for the best possible signal transfer. Along with this superior single long crystal structure, OCC provides copper and silver with the least possible oxides and other impurities. Why Litz? With each strand utilizing a razor thin enamel coating, Litz based wire provides a cable that will last a lifetime (will not oxidize). Further with each strand acting independently until joining at the termination point, the design negates any bad effects typically associated with normal stranded wire (skin effect, proximity effect, etc.). As another side benefit durability and flexibility are both increased. Combining OCC (purest metal) with Litz design you really have an end result that is the ultimate cable possible today. Iem earphone cable ciem mmcx 2pin Sony dap

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