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1 year ago by reverie.paradiise




Hello guyss! I am hosting my second giveaway!! Hope yall did enjoy my first giveaway. For steps that require you to like/follow, you cannot unfollow or unlike after the giveaway, or you will be blocked and you will be unable to take part in my future giveaways. Compulsory steps: 1. Follow me 2. Like at least 30 of my listings that are not sold or reserved 3. Tag 5 people or more 4. Tell me why you want to win this giveaway Optional steps: 1. Follow my instagram acc, @les.reverie (+3) 2. Buy from me(+14) each item +14 3. Left me feedback (+5) 4. Repost this giveaway (+2) 5. Repost my listings, each listing (+1) 6. At least 3 of the 5 people that you tagged joined the giveaway. (+6) <if you tagged more you will have higher chance to finish this step😂> Comment below which steps you finished😘 When does this end? Min. 50 participants ( because i see other giveaway with 100++ ppl ) This ends when i reach 360 followers, or june 30th. If by june 30th, there are lesser than 50 participants and lesser than 360 followers, this will be cancelled. I may extend the dateline if its close to hitting 50 participants and 360 followers. 😉 I will choose by the person with the most number of chances and the best reason why you want to win this giveaway. 1 winner !! What exactly do you win? Most number of chances: You will be able to get 15 pens, brand new with tip, and choose any 3 PRE ORDER item. Will announce the winner in the comments section. 💕 Disclaimer: please dont give me reasons like, im broke but i love these. Im poor and cannot afford. Basically dont give me reasons that you are poor/broke 24/7 <like seriously? Sorry but you will not be chosen if you give me reasons along this line BTW, some of yall ctb-ed me. I will still put your names in the list, although you are supposed to comment. Participants: 1. @shopping_junction. 2. @korealand (HIGHEST) 3. @Sharon_hui.lin 4. @xstinqer 5. @xnottodayx 6. @taetae_. 7. @sy.elaineee 8. @Chim.chim_trash 9. @thesquishymuseum 10. @penaddictedlorh 11. @oddsunshine 12. @bvbytae 13. @madeinstore 14. @blue_pegasus 15. @pearlxx 16. @kwonsvt

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