(2pcs) Laneige All Day Anti-Pollution Defensor 10g


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Choice of 2 Laneige products for $10:- 1) Lip Sleeping Mask 3g 2) White Plus Renew Emulsion 15g 3) All Day Anti-Pollution Defensor SPF30PA++ 10ml 4) Sun Block Supreme SPF 50+ PA+++ 10ml 5) Water Sleeping Mask 15ml 6) Perfect Pore Cleansing oil 25ml 7) Water Bank Essence_EX 10ml 8) Multi Cleanser_EX 10ml 9) White Plus Renew Original Essence _EX 7ml 10) Fresh Brightening Cleansing oil 25ml 11) Perfect Renew Regenerator (Come in 3pcs Capsule packaging) 12) 5 pieces of Sun block Supreme SPF50+PA+++ sachet 0.4ml 13) 5 peices of White Plus Renew Eye Cream sachet Subject to availability. Please let me know your preference at the chat platform.