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3.5mm Mini 75 Ohm Digital Coaxial Cable ( 15CM ) - Cable Length: 15cm - Source End: 4 Pole 3.5mm Right Angle Mini Plug for FiiO X3 Gen 2 / FiiO X5 Gen 2 / FiiO X5 Gen 3 / FiiO X7 - Receiving End: 2 Pole 3.5mm Right Angle Mini Plug For Chord Mojo Condition: Brand New In Factory Sealed Packaging ===> PRICE FIXED / NON NEGOTIABLE / NO TRADE IN <=== Audio & Garmin Products That I Sell ==> PC / IT Products That I Sell ==> Only deal at my home (Senja area @ Bukit Panjang). No other places or Normal SingPost From $2 Onwards Tags: HRT Rega Naim Chord Pathos Antelope Audiolab Sony Pioneer TAD Creative Sound Oppo Benchmark LH Labs Cambridge Fostex Myryad Denon Arcam Rotel QED Korg Fiio Cyrus Musical Fidelity NAD Audiolab Audioquest Teac Oppo iFi Schiit Bryston Hugo NuForce Audioquest Nordost QED Wireworld Atlas Chord Ecosse IXOS Oehibach Supra Clearer Audio Kordz Monster Profigold Van Den Hul Audience Cardas Kimber Oyaide Shunyata Siltech Telos WyWires

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Bukit Panjang Ring Road Singapore, Singapore

Daily collection timing: 1pm~4:30pm / 7:45pm~9:45pm

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Normal SingPost From $2 Onwards