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LITON CABLE (USA) Connector 1:Original Neutrik NC3XX XLR Connector 2:1/8",3.5mm (Taiwan) MORE VIEWS 1/8" TO XLR MALE Braided shield-coverage over 95% 100% Aluminum foil shield QUICK OVERVIEW A very highly demanded customized cable, the iP [iPod/laptop>mixer] is used for plugging portable MP3 players, iPods, laptop computers into your instrument amp, mixer or active speaker.  It features a connector 3.5mm. on one end and a XLR stereo connector and we use the very durable thin super shielded balanced cable. All Perfect Link Cables are meticulously hand-soldered using top quality materials by experienced technicians who get irked by imperfection. Seasoned hands terminate the cables at the exact temperature for smooth solid joints ,and a generous amount of flux ensures no brittle connections.  1meter $18 2meter $22 👉Sold with 3 months limited warranty.

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