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Easy grow plants that fight against mosquitoes. They are very effective against mosquitoes as their leaves are covered in sticky dews. These dew drop will trick mosquitoes to land on the plants. Mosquitoes will then sticked on to the plant and consume by the plants. Keep one at home to safe guard yourself against mosquito. I breed these plant myself. So feel free to enquire if you keen to grow them! Free flowering plants too! Purple flowers that last for weeks . Collection @rumbia lrt at seng kang. Tag#airplant, tillandsia, birthday gift, office plant, indoor Plant, marimo moss.Tag#Tag#sengkang, rumbia, orchid, happy plant happy father day, gift, birthday gift, house warming, art, airplant, air Plant, fish, goldfish, music, rackets, aquarium/ ranchu, goldfish, Singapore, cheap sale / phals / insects / birds , shirt /offer /pokemon/terrarium/cheap sale / yoyo/kendama/teachers day gift / cat /pet /beer/clock/wire. Please fell free to pm your enquiries. Thank You

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Rumbia LRT Station (SE2), Singapore

Rumbia let or under my block