3 Light Source LED Flashlight Torch Light for Jade, Jewelry, Gem, Amber Identification, Gemstone 365NM Black Light LED Torch for Fluorescent


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Pre-order 3-5 weeks, comes in box Item dimension 24mm * 138mm * 18mm Brightness output 350Lumens ( from white light ), 200LMs ( from yellow light ) 365nm uv light  Item net weight 100g Material Aeroplane aluminum alloy + stainless steel Power source One piece 3.7v 18650 Li-ion battery  Light source White light + UV light + yellow light Switch type Tail pressing button switch Key Features: Three light sources. Combines white light, 365nm uv light and yellow light into one head. It could be used to detect fluorescent, pet urine, jade, yellow agate, amber, jewelry, looking for scorpion etc. Pressing tail switch to change into different light source.Cone Shaped Spotlight: 18mm caliber lamp after fine polishing, thickened polished round mouth caliber surface smooth and complete, easy to scratch jade jade and other objects. Cone-shaped mouth design has a better condenser effect, appreciation of more penetrating.The use of aviation aluminum alloy material, polishing plus anodizing, corrosion resistance, wear resistance. Non-slip design thread makes people feel comfortable and delicate texture.Copper pillar spring design, assure stable power supply, better conductivity. Can effectively avoid short circuit and poor contacting.Tail waterproof silicone switch is comfortable for operation, better flexibility. Slightly tap the switch to change the light source. Hardly press the switch to turn on / off.Optical glass lenses, translucent strong, the surface is not easy to scratch. Has strong light penetration, light beam projection clear.Aluminum alloy orange peel cup, good heating, flood light, perfect uniform spot.Pure copper lamp holder design, good conductivity, and effectively ensure stable power, heat performance, control the lamp temperature, effective protection of the core circuit.Working with one piece 3.7v 18650 rechargeable li-ion battery. We do NOT sell battery / cell.Its light distance is less than 50 meters. Its main function is for jade appraisal, not for daily light. So, the light range is not so far.