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Selling $19,060 worth of facial treatments & ampoules at a 30% DISCOUNT! Stopping because my facial condition has greatly improved over the last few years of my package so I don't think I need it anymore :) Good enough to last for 2 years (1 visit every 3 weeks) + Ampoules for additional home use up to 1 year (avg 1 bottle per week). Wide combination of treatments to take care of multiple aspects of your facial concerns including acne/pimples, dry skin, dark eye circles to saggy cheeks/jawline. You can also get a customized skin-consultation to change the treatment types according to your specific needs. - 5 x Skin Rejuvenating & Recovery 2-in-1 Treatment - 9 x Nano Treatment - 7 x Eye Treatment - 12 x Skin Lifting Treatment - 2 x Skin Tag Treatment - 60 bottles of Ampoules (you can choose which type suits you best, combination of different types is possible) My package is currrently with the New York Skin Solutions outlet at Whitesands (next to Pasir Ris MRT) but is transferable to other outlets as well.

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Pasir Ris MRT Station (EW1), Singapore

We will meet at the Whitesands New York Skin Solutions outlet for payment exchange and to sign the package transfer forms.