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Anti hfmd Eliminates 99.99% enterovirus (HFMD prevention )Waterclean hand sanitizer sanitise sanitize santizer soap deodorant Disinfectant Anti bacterial pocket spray insect repellent baby kids children


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Brand new instock Disinfectant pocket spray 30ml ($5.90) Disinfectant pocket spray 150ml ($15.90) (hello Kitty) Disinfectant pocket spray 150ml ($15.90) 350ml disinfectant spray $26.90 Mosquito repellant 60ml ($7.90) ***bundle 150ml x2 bottles $23.90 ***bundle 30ml x 3 bottles $15.90 **bundle 150ml +350ml $35.90 For bundle promo (Free Tracking mail) Taiwan Popular brand disinfectant pocket spray Mummies's Favourite brand from Taiwan! now is in Singapore! *REMOVED 99.99% enterovirus (HFMD) in 5 secs. (tested by SGS) *eatable/ edible (safe for babies and pets) *prevent virus spreading (Say no more to Germs and Bacterial) *Deodorant *Safe for babies and children (gentle to skin) *no washing needed Spray before you hold/carry your child💦 Spray before playing with toys💦 Spray before eating💦 Spray after school from head to toe 💦 Spray after playground from head to toe💦 Spray on rashes/wound💦 Spray on culteries /high chair/tables/ pacifier 💦 Spray on pets/ pet beds/ toys 💦 Spray on any surfaces area/household products to kill virus 💦 WATERCLEAN products No alcohol No coloring No irritation to eyes No irritation to skin No preservative Tested to be safe for inhalation and ingestion. * can be use to disinfect on pacifier/ toys/ baby hands feets/ public culteries/ highchair/ tables/ pet beds toys or any household products and surfaces without washing. * ideal for use on hands, feets, wounds, rashes etc details c 4th pic visit for more details It is important to know! #Alcoholsanitizer cannot kill enterovirus ev71 effectively. #tested Waterclean spray can effective disinfect enterovirus ev71 (HFMD) 99.99%! THE NEGATIVE EFFECT WITH ALCOHOL-BASED HAND SANITIZERS Alcohol based hand sanitisers have been widely used, but are alcohol based hand sanitisers the best solution to fighting germs commonly found on hands? Alcohol based sanitisers are toxic, flammable, can irritate skin and pose a risk when used around children. The effectiveness of alcohol based sanitisers is dependent upon alcohol content, quantity applied and allowing the sanitiser to fully dry. About alcohol based sanitisers: High % Alcohol: To be effective, alcohol sanitisers should contain at least 60% alcohol (ethyl or isopropyl alcohol), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or a mix of both in a concentration of 60% to 95%. Toxic: The high level of alcohol required results in the sanitiser being a toxic substance. Effectiveness: The CDC writes: "Although alcohol-based hand sanitizers can inactivate many types of microbes very effectively when used correctly, people may not use a large enough volume of the sanitizers or may wipe it off before it has dried” Irritation: Alcohol will sting cuts or broken skin and can irritate sensitive skin Flammable: All alcohol based products are potentially flammable and should be stored away from high temperatures and flames Skin irritation: Contact dermatitis- with symptoms including dryness, irritation, itching and cracking- has resulted following use of alcohol based hand sanitisers; in an attempt to combat dry and irritated skin, ‘softeners’ have been added. Using alcohol hand sanitisers around children should be carefully considered, should children be handled by someone that has applied a toxic, flammable substance to their hands? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) wrote this regarding the potential danger posed by alcohol based hand sanitisers: "Ethyl alcohol (ethanol)-based hand sanitisers are safe when used as directed, but they can cause alcohol poisoning if a person swallows more than a couple of mouthfuls. From 2011 – 2015, U.S. poison control centers received nearly 85,000 calls about hand sanitiser exposures among children. Children may be particularly likely to swallow hand sanitisers that are scented, brightly coloured, or attractively packaged.” References: Center for Disease Control: World Health Organization: Skin Reaction to Hand Hygiene:

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