31 books on spiritual enlightenment, contentment and happiness by Advaita Master Ramesh Balsekar, a direct disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj


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Selling all 31 books (see below for titles) at give-away price to those who seriously seek lasting solace, spiritual happiness, peace of mind and contentment in daily living. Ramesh Balsekar, an Advaita Master, starts you on a path to live spiritually each day with enlightened joy, acceptance of what comes, contentment, peace and equilibrium. These books will give a life-time of very enlightening, fulfilling, and thought-changing readings. I spent years scouting far and wide for these 31 books, some of which are out of print. Indeed, these books are rare gems for discerning spiritual seekers. Feel free to enquire from me through Carousell or through email, yonderlife@yahoo.com The 31 titles are:- 1) A Buddha’s babble 2) A personal religion of your own 3) Advaita on zen and tao 4) Advaita, the Buddha and the unbroken whole 5) Confusion no more 6) Consciousness speaks, conversations with Ramesh Balsekar 7) Consciousness writes 8) Enlightened living 9) Experiencing the teaching 10) Explorations into the eternal 11) From Consciousness to Consciousness 12) Let life flow 13) Meaningful trivialities from the Source 14) Nuggets of wisdom 15) Peace and harmony in daily living 16) Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj 17) Pointers from Ramana Maharshi 18) Pointers from Ramesh Balsekar 19) Ripples 20) Seeking enlightenment – Why? 21) Sin & guilt, monstrosity of mind 22) The end of duality 23) The final truth 24) The infamous ego 25) The only way to live 26) The relationship between ‘I’ and ‘Me’ 27) The seeking 28) The ultimate understanding (hard cover, Watkins of London) 29) The wisdom of Balsekar (soft cover, Watkins of London) 30) Who cares? ! 31) Your head in the tiger’s mouth

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