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Preorder list. 1 day warranty only for promotional price. Available voltage charger: 36,48,52,60 volt. All charger are same price $30/pc 36v 48v 52v 60v available 2a to 5a able to custom made to your needs If no instock can preorder, preorder takes around 3 week, $10 deposit is need for confirm order. 1 day warranty for price of $30 Add $10 for 3 month 1 to 1 exchange. Warranty does not cover self inflicted damages. Self collect at lavender hotel boss 1.30pm or 4pm strictly except sunday or 854 jurong west st 81. 12.30pm, 3pm, 12.30am, 2am daily. Brand new in box. All charger have inbuilt fan for cooling down the adaptor whist charging. When using fast charger, 1- monitor the temp of the battery from time to time. Eg. If internal deck, try to feel if there is any excess heat or what so ever. Moderate heat is normal. 2 - monitor your voltage from time to time to keep track. 3 - Do not put ur charger in ur box without any cushion to stop the impact of shaking the chargers, it might spoil the mechanism inside. 4 - when charging it will show red light, full charge will show green and red. 5 - Do not leave scooter charging unattended 6 - We will not be liable for any battery failure for overcharging issues. 7- All chargers will require a travel adaptor to plug in. 8 52v chargers will charge up to 58.8v All chargers is standard charge up voltage unless specified. Our chargers will cut off early by 0.2 to 0.6v due to safety purpose to prevent overcharging. 9. Do not immediately charge after a long distance ride. Please let your scooter rest for 15 mins to 30 mins for it to cool before charging. To prolong the lifespan for your scooter and chargers. If wanna use 4a 5a. Ur battery is 15ah. Dont bother to ask me whelther can use. Is a no no. Call me at 91467290 for any enquiry Tags: dualtron, speedway 3 , speedway 2 , evo, ultron, speedway 1 , coolpower, sonicpower, escooter, electric scooter, electric bike, inokim, myway, pev, scooters, chargers, 5a chargers, passion. Fast charger, 3a charger, minimotor, speed chargers

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