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365 Stories to Make You Rich - Daily Affirmations for Financial Success Through 365 affirmations and inspiring stories that focus on inner strength and our innate power to change, 365 Stories to Make You Rich sends you on a path toward personal enlightenment and wealth in body, mind and spirit. Use these six keys to remove all stress about money so you can enjoy what you have: Think Positive: Like mind over matter, mind over money begins with believing you deserve it and can get it Send Out Ships: You can wait for your ship to come in but if you don’t send any out, it’s going to be a long wait. Count Your Money: Money is a game and you have to know the score. The money score will tell you how well you’re doing at steps one and two. Swim with Dolphins: Being “in the swim” will depend largely on who you’re swimming with. Look for dolphins and avoid sharks and tuna. Survive the Storms: It takes the sun to create a shadow—accept that the dark and the light live side by side in all of us. You must weather the interior storms as well as the exterior ones. Persistence is key. Seek Balance and Enlightenment: Promote peace and prosperity for all. I suggest you start with yourself. With these keys to success 365 Stories to Make You Rich offers you the peace of mind to build financial muscle and a successful, stress-free life.

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