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3D Printing Pen, Homecube 3D Stereo Drawing Pen with 3 FREE 1.75mm Pla Filament 3D Drawing pen, Intelligent 3D Doodler Pen Promote Children's Brain Development with Safety Holder(White)


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DEVELOP IMAGINATION:The Homecube 3D stereo drawing pen is a great tool for anyone interested in 3D modelling, which can be used to draw a 3D project to bring your designs from paper to real life.It can draw on the paper or surface or in the air,it is a great gift for any occasion! REPLACEABLE AND INTEGRATED HEATING NOZZLE:Adopting embedded connection make it more convenient to maintain and replace. What's more, with smart tempreature sensing and heating,it can keep lower temperature in tip to avoid scald your hands. PORTABLE & EASY TO USE:The product is lightweight, a slim (easy to handle) design, meet the needs of children, students and adults.Double click loading/unloading button to automatically Feed/Remove Filament.with variable speed feature, you can freely control it according to the hand speed.With the safety holder,you can put the pen on it when you temporarily do not need to use, more convenient. INTELLIGENT STANDBY FUNCTION: The product will automatically switch to standby mode if not being used over 5 minutes, when you rest in operation or forget to turn off the power, the heating ring will stop working.If you want to use it again,press the "wire feeding" button to restart, to avoid the risk of forgetting turn off the power. PACKAGE ITEMS :This 3D Pen can use ABS or PLA material,with all colors of 1.75mm filament available (3 rolls of which are included with purchase) , A Homecube 3D Printing Pen , A Power Adaptor(The power cord length:1.8m.Longer than others,is more convenient to use) and A User's manual. CE ROHS FCC Certified, Imported from USA It’s Time to Materialize Your 3D Dreams!  The Homecube 3D printing pen,which can be used to draw a 3D project to bring your designs from paper to real life. Specifications and parameters:  Spinning speed:adjustable  Temperature: 60℃-230℃ adjustable  Working power: 12V 3A  The nozzle diameter: 0.7mm  Color:White,Black,Yellow  Shipping weiht:350g  The power cord length:1.8m Using Your 3D Pen:  Step 1:Connect the power adaptor to the back of the 3D pen and plug it into a power source. When the yellow LED turns  on, the pen is in the preheat status.  Step 2:Press the “wire feeding” button, so the red LED turns on. After 30 seconds, the red LED will turn into green,  preheating is done and the pen is ready.  Step3:Insert the ABS or PLA filament into the “wire loading hole”which is at the end of the pen. Keep on pressing the  “wire feeding” button, the material will be loaded by built-in motor. Hold till the plastic material comes out from the  nozzle nip, so the material loading is finished.  Step4:Keep pressing the wire feeding button and draw your 3D objects. The speed of extrusion is adjustable by speed  controller. Releasing the button will cause the pen to stop extruding.  Step5:When you want to unload or change the filament, you should press the wire unloading button, You may need to adjust  the speed controller.  NOTE: Unloading the filament after each use is highly recommended. You need to cut the material ending to smooth before  loading. Package  1 x 3D Pen  1 x Power adaptor  1 x Saftey holder  3 x Filament  1 x User's manual SAFETY AND WARNING INSTRUCTIONS:  The 3D printing pen is suitable for children over 6 years old and adult. Use by children must be under tutelage of  adult.

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Homecube stereo drawing pen

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